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  1. THanks. Here's a copy of the floor plan before and after. Area in red is mostly untouched except hardwood floors were put down. Major change was removing the wall between the living room and the kitchen area and re-framing the back part of the house. The area taken from the kitchen area allowed for a proper master bedroom I will start a post this weekend in OT for more pics
  2. here's a before and after of the house
  3. No I still have my BRAT and the RX. They are sittind in the backyard waiting for me to get done remodeling the house
  4. Winner winner chicken dinner. Those r shots from where I use to live.
  5. s'ko

    ej swap busted clutch cable

    hey man. Same thing happened to me. Gotta watch that routing
  6. Hey there. Been a long time. I have been remodeling my house for the last year and a half. no time to wrench or anything Been driving a bone stock 2001 Legacy wagon. Even have the old steelies on it. Anyways i was on google maps and I found these two addresses 2405 Perkins Lane, Redondo Beach CA and 2611 Curtis Ave, Redondo Beach CA Go to the addresses and looky at the street view. Tell me what u see. Hope to be on here more in the future. BW
  7. Problem resolved. Fuel pump went out. Airtex fuel pump that I bought from Oreilly was defective. $300 later, mechanic had it working. BW
  8. It is possible to place w/it still in the car. like 94loyale said remove the radiator first. You will need to remove the crank pulley and get to the covers. You might as well get a timing belt kit while you are at it. Don't be too freaked out about getting the timing right on the first shot. The EG33 is non-interferential. Good luck. If you need documentation or how to set the timing shot me a PM
  9. no CEL. 4 cylinder automatic. Car ran great before this happened. I had the fuel injectors cleaned out about 2 months ago. What keeps the fuel rail from getting gas? Fuel pressure regulator? Probably call AAA and get it towed to a shop for them to work on. I really really need the car working on Tuesday. BW
  10. I did a bone head move the other day. I was driving and the gas was really low. I forgot to get more gas before it ran out and I ran it dry. I put more fuel in and tried to start it but I can't seem to get it to start. AAA came and the car turned over with starter fluid but did not stay on. Pulled the fuel input lines and there fuel pressure is very low. AAA towed me home. I called Andrew (hondasucks) and he suggested that I cycle the ignition a few times to put fuel into the engine. Still no start. I got a new fuel pump, strainer and filter and replaced the parts. I took an air hose and blew the lines clear. It is still not getting fuel. I connect the green test plugs and the fuel pump cycles on and off. I pulled the gas input line to the filter and saw the gas flow. reconnected the input line and then disconnect the line from the fuel filter to the fuel rail. Gas is flowing there. disconnected the output line from the fuel rail and gas is not coming out. The pressure from the fuel pump seems to be kinda low. What am I missing? Thanks BW.
  11. I have been out of it for a bit now. But I need to get me OBS up and running or the stupid code enforcers will tow it away ON MY PROPERTY IN MY BACKYARD!!!! So.. my intake manifold and other parts are buried and I will not be able to get to it right away. I have a line up on a phase 2 2.5 SOHC motor. Will that be a direct bolt in? Thanks for the help . BW
  12. so are you trying to learn about cali smog? the EJ22 swap needs 2 comply with year that the engine comes from. you need 2 have a CARB inspector certify it for your EA, needs to comply w/the setup that it came stock with send me a pm if u have any questions
  13. Hello. Been a while since I have gone onto here. Glad to see that things are pretty much the same. I did end up getting that house and it's been a crazy time trying to remodel. it's basically a 1360 sqft complete gut and remodel. There are only 2 rooms that we did not touch significantly. Every room needed to be skim coated and painted, next step to finish the drywalling and put down the hardwood floors. After that it all finishing work. BTW I HATE DRYWALL DUST...... Will be back on when I finally get internet at home. If you need to get in touch w/me send me a PM and I will try to check about once a week. KEEP THOSE SUBIES ALIVE. BW
  14. Wow you have done some cool stuff to your rides I live local canyon country by magic mountain . I had a gl 4x4 wagon in high school it was my all-time fav car when I lived in Idaho . I was driving thru Chatsworth and I found a 85 brat for 1000 bucks it's awesome bring back crazy times of . there is a lot of things I would like to do to my new brat I'd like to here what you think I should do first and the best way to do it . Yesterday I installed a weberkit wow it's much better then stock . Maybe some time we can talk or meat up I'd like to see your brat if you still have it take it ez


    May be we can talk or meat up with you some time

  15. Hi. Wondering if you still have the Brat rear seats w/mount and headrests and what kind of condition they are in. Are handles and grips still in tact? Can you quote me shipping to NV, 89815 zip?


    Also, do you still have interior parts, and if so, what color? I have an '85 Brat and the surrounds on the door handle/locks inside have sun rot and are disintegrating. Thanks!