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  1. crockettbrat

    Is the pitch stopper really neccesary in an EJ swap?

    So I'm nearing the 100k mile mark on my ej swap and to celebrate I'm going to build a better pitch stopper than the one that snapped 50k miles ago and replace my engine and transmission mounts. Please post up pics of how you did your pitch stopper if you would. I used the stock brat pitch stopper with the threaded end. I had to bend it to get it to work and of course its wimpy and snapped. I've got the ej22 and the ea82 5mt in my 84 brat. I'd love to see what some of you folks have done. Thanks in advance.
  2. No code so I'll assume timing belt. Cranking didn't seem fast but sounded a little different than normal. Normal is first crank and it just starts. Thanks for the response. Can you confirm this is a non interference engine? Thanks. D
  3. Hey all: Been a long while since I've been here. I've got around 70k on my ej swap and this poor little vehicle needs some love and attention or a trip to the junkyard. jk- wont ever junk the brat! Anyway I was driving to work yesterday and while entering the freeway the engine just cut out. No loud noises or leaking fluids, and probably hadn't even gotten up to normal temp because I was only 2 miles from my driveway. Anyway, I'm rusty on diagnosis since its been so reliable. I have time this weekend to try to figure out what went wrong, but so far I checked fuel and its getting fuel, all fuses seem good and the main power relay and fuel pump relay are obviously working because I'm getting fuel. Spark seems like an unlikely problem but I'll check that too. Are there other sensors that would make it shut off like this? Crank position sensor? I guess the timing belt could have snapped too. My engine is an obd1 1993 legacy ej22 which I believe is a non-interference engine. Any advice or input appreciated. Thanks guys. D
  4. Hey folks: So my buddy's 1999 forester got a tire slashed. He is going to replace the tire but is concerned that replacing one tire might be a problem for the AWD system. The other three have about 5k miles on them at this point. Tire shops dont want to sell him one tire. Any input on whether replacing just one tire will be problematic appreciated. Thanks USMB! Daniel ps- some jacka$$ smashed the front of my brat while it was parked! Luckily I have full coverage so hopefully I'll get something for the damage. Dont ask me why I had full coverage, but I'm glad I did.
  5. crockettbrat

    ej swap busted clutch cable

    Ok so I was routing the cable over the steering linkage. DOH! Thanks USMB! Daniel
  6. crockettbrat

    ej swap busted clutch cable

    Hey folks: So 84 brat ej swap ea82 dual range 5 speed xt6 clutch. Im at about 35000 miles on my swap and I just broke my second clutch cable. The first one was used so not suprised, but the second one was new from the dealership. Anyone else having this problem? Maybe I'm routing the cable wrong? It does seem to be longer than it needs to be. I'm routing it from the pedal thru the hole in the footwell then it makes kind of a backwards "S" shape to the clutch release fork. I'm interested in what others have done and if anyone else has had this issue. Thanks. Daniel
  7. Well I replaced the front drivers side axle today. I had ordered an empi from amazon but somehow ordered the wrong one.:-\ I didn't notice until I had the bad one out, so had to get one from the local Kragen. I put it in and it was clicking right off the bat! I drove for a few miles anyway and it has gotten better but man this sucks. I'll drive it to work tomorrow and if it doesnt get better I'm taking it back. At least it has a lifetime warranty and my front end isn't hopping between 45-55mph anymore. Daniel
  8. Well yesterday on the way home the right rear wheel bearing decided it had had enough of being noisy and annoying and moved on up to grinding crunchy death wobble. So today I got to change my first subie rear wheel bearing. Boy what a fun job:lol: Anyway thanks to 987687 for the pictorial thread http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/showthread.php?t=111498&highlight=rear+wheel+bearing+replacement It was a big help. I was bummed that there are no ea81's in the pnp's around here because I've always just changed the whole trailing arm in the past. I had a fun time getting the inner bearing nut out, but the real pain was that the pivot bolt for the trailing arm had siezed up in the collor inside the bushing. In the end I was able to get it out enough to cut the bolt with a sawzall and then shimmy the arm out of the bracket. Once off the car I was able to get the bolt and collar out of the bushing, seperated and cleaned up. New bolt, new one piece rear bearing housing and new bearings and she's back on the road. Its soooo much more quite, like it used to be! Thanks again usmb! This forum rocks. Oh yeah I changed the gear oil in the ls diff too! Daniel
  9. crockettbrat

    5mt d/r awd swap

    Thanks for the good info(as per usual). Much appreciated. I'll go back to the drawing board and reconsider. Thanks. D
  10. crockettbrat

    5mt d/r awd swap

    Hey all: Getting bored so considering a d/r awd RX turbo transmission for my ej brat. Already done the 5mt swap and its fine but keep thinking about lowering it back down and street tires and awd. I'm kicking myself for not pulling the trans at pnp last year! Anyway I'm wondering if the gearing is the same or if I'd need the rear diff too. Is the trans the same length as the 5mt d/r from an ea82 car? Any info appreciated. Haven't been here in a while, but seems like USMB is still going strong. For the record I've got 25k+ miles on my ej swap and its going strong. My winch and bumper were a bit too heavy and have been removed at this point. The front control arm bushings are worn out and probably need some wheel bearings, but the little beast rocks on. Daniel
  11. crockettbrat

    5 speed d/r into brat

    Hey there: Haven't posted in a long time. You should look here http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/showthread.php?t=49952 There is tons of info on this swap, just search in the transmission section of the usmb repair section and you should contact Jerry. His kit is great and worth the $. I've got 25k miles on my ej swap and did the 5sp at the same time using his kit. Way better than the 4sp. Good luck. Daniel
  12. Hey, just found this conversation again. I ended up just doing a patch job on the motor last winter. We'll just say things got ridiculous and the EJ option went out the window. Rolled a truck on my way to get the motor, there went the cash. Also ended up being laid off and having to move. Exciting times :D I've since moved to Denver, etc. Just got a 'new' 82 to put in, and now have some parts for sale, if you want them!


    Thank you for the offer either way.

  13. This is what I told my friend. They had it on a lift and some new guy drained the oil into a recepticle above his head! Classic. I'll pass on the info and tell him to buy a used transmission. Thanks for the help folks. USMB rocks. Daniel
  14. Hey all: Haven't been on the forum in a while. I've searched but haven't found much to confirm what I suspect to be the problem. My friend has a 99 forester with a 5speed manual transmission. I suspect one of the main bearings is toast in the transmission but would be open to hearing other persectives. The car sounds fine while idling. With the car in neutral I can hear a small amount of whine. Push in the clutch and it goes away. Goes into all gears with ease. When you release the clutch pedal in forward gears the whine is bad and almost sound like completely worn brake pads scraping against a rotor. It only makes the noise when torque is applied to the transmission (ie-get off the gas and noise goes away while coasting in gear). It doesn't make the noise in reverse that I can tell. Any input appreciated. The transmission fluid was replaced at the dealer two weeks ago (he didn't tell them about the noise :confused:and it has gotten worse since then). I suggested he dump out the fluid and replace with some high quality mt gear oil to see if anything changes and to expect to replace the trans with a good used one. Any input appreciated. Thanks USMB ps- still loving my ej brat, but it may go for sale at the end of the summer. Daniel