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  1. New~ IRON ON~ SUBARU PATCHES $4.00 EACH Free shipping in the U.S..Pay Pal to muatcls@yahoo.com leave name and address---->> Thank You
  2. That was the problem,That is why I replaced the battery and cables.Yes,I replaced Pos+ with Pos+ and neg- with neg-But I will try checking neg- with multi meter.This weekend.Thank You.
  3. No aftermarket security system.I replaced the battery and cables because they were(Old) crusty.Did not check voltage at the fuse boxes.Which ones should I check and voltage amounts?
  4. Make sure to connect the smaller lead on the positive side that goes to the under hood fuse box?Yes,I did that.Also checked all the fuses.
  5. I Installed new battery,No dash lights when turning on ignition switch,No start.Could it be a bad ground to the transmission?The wires to the battery are also new. Need wisdom and insight!
  6. Last year I bought a 1999 Forester for 500 bucks with bad head gaskets,Installed head gaskets twice,Then assumed it was so overheated so much the short block was warped.So I pitched the EJ25 and installed a low mileage 2001 EJ 22 from an Imprenza for 350 bucks.And after 14k miles It is still running Great!
  7. Markuss

    Thule bar type

    Thule roof racks are now made in China.I bought mine on e bay for $89.99 and 49.99 with the extention.Total about $140.00 bucks(free shipping).Same folks that makes Thule.Without having to pay for the Thule name.
  8. Went to car-part.com bought 87k mile 2000 2.2 for $350.00.installed engine and new Y pipe runs like new...
  9. Used new gasket,Still leaks.In the market for a 2.2 for my 99 Forester.Any one gots one within 100 miles of Cleveland,Ohio???
  10. Pics of old blown gasket,I dont know if this one was orginal Subaru.But this one is a mutilayered the right one was a single layered one.
  11. What 2.2 engines can I use in my manual trans 1999 Forester?I have read egr non egr bla,bla bla....Thank You!