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  1. completely understand. just happy you seem to have gotten it sorted out.
  2. take your meter along with and test voltage with nothing hooked up.
  3. blown headgaskets do not "suck air in" to the block.. they can cause exhaust gasses to build up, but that is usually into the cooling system, not the crank case, so I would take what that guy said with several grains of salt... R&R the PCV system - that is most likely the cause of your issue
  4. how do you know it is not the timing?? did you pull the covers and check it? If not, then don't discount it. Even 1 tooth off can cause all kinds of headaches. VERIFY it is correct - do not assume. also, if there is CEL you really should get those codes read - borrow a reader, or buy one, or something, but find out what the codes are.
  5. very possible it could be the switches themselves, or maybe something got unplugged pop the door panel off the drivers door and make sure everything is plugged in properly, and while it is off, check for power getting to the switch
  6. at just barely 15mm outer diameter, thinking it is a bit small for an injector o-ring too... but I have no experience with one that new.. I honestly can not think of anything that small. XT is a turbo model, right? could it have something to do with the turbo system?
  7. #4 looks pretty much as it should, #s 1 & 3 are passable, not great, but not that bad either, considering age & mileage. #2 is definitely an issue.. and not just the oil fouling, but the broken insulator - yikes
  8. I used to have the same "aversion" to the 2.5s as you... then I got myself a nice little 2002 Forester with the EJ251 - not a bad car at all. In fact, I am quite happy with it. the other half has a 2006 LL Bean Outback with the 3.0 and it is quite nice. the one to really stay away from is the EJ25D (dual overhead cam version) - that one was loads of trouble. Maintenance history (if at all possible to obtain) and/or carfax report can tell you a lot about a car. The report for my Forester noted that the head-gaskets had been replaced around 108K, & it had no accidents listed (the condition of the car bore this out). It also told me that I was only the 3rd owner of the car, with the older gent I got it from being the 2nd. Careful looking can find you a nice, well kept car that has had good maintenance over its life. Don't be afraid of the 2.5, just be aware of the potential issues that could come up with one that has not been cared for properly - same as with ANY car.
  9. my first Subaru was an 89 GL wagon (basically the same as the Loyale), 5spd, FWD - I paid all of $150 for that car (it needed a clutch and a few other items) and I drove it for 8 years! She had 150K miles when I got her, and was pushing 285K miles when she was finally permanently retired due to serious rust issues - motor still started first time, every time, and ran strong. It was because of that car that I found this group - way back in 2001, and they have helped me many times over the years to keep my Subarus going. I try to pay that back by helping others where I can. So yeah, this is kind of like a family. =)
  10. good luck, guys.. glad to have been at least a little bit of help. =)
  11. That is awesome news! Welcome to the family (even if you dont have one yet!)
  12. interesting tidbit for you.. one code being set can set off a whole sequence of other codes... start by addressing the FIRST code listed when reading the codes.. fix that. reset codes, see what comes back then fix the next FIRST code, reset, see what comes back... repeat as needed.