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  1. got this stuff from my local hobby shop - it is meant for building balsa planes, but it has worked great on everything I have tried it on to date, including a styrofoam plane, metal & multiple types of plastics. fixed a pair of scissors recently with it - the blades were coming loose & moving around due to cracked plastic. they don't move around anymore. it does not take a lot either. as you can see levels in the bottles.. and I have used this stuff a LOT. simple 1:1 mix ratio makes it a snap to mix up, and yes, it is pretty much set in 5 minutes
  2. if your primary use is commuting, then yes, the Cooper, or Mastercraft equivalent, would be fine for your needs. the CS5 is an all-season "touring" tire, which means longer treadlife than some others. this is the 2nd set of Coopers I have had, and am quite happy with them. I have had both the Mastercraft touring and snow tires - both are great if you are on a budget.
  3. i am currently running Cooper CS5s on my 2002 Forester and they are fine.. put them on 2-1/2. almost 3 yrs ago, still plenty of tread life left. Mastercraft is made by Cooper but with budget in mind - so same basic tire with very minor differences in the tread patterns, but for less money. I only got the Coopers this time because they happened to be on sale when I needed to get tires.
  4. ok, maybe I am a little weird.. but, this is how I learn a lot of stuff.. by reading and following along with others as they do things. Granted, I am not going to turn into a tech from all of this, but I will end up with a very basic understanding of how it all works. So, please, do update as you tinker with it and figure things out so my inquisitive nature can soak it all in.
  5. http://mastercrafttires.com/ my "budget friendly" go to.. click on their tire selector, enter your car info and they will give you recommendations specifically for your vehicle.
  6. Please don't.. lol I don't know much about this kind of stuff, but find it fascinating reading. =)
  7. very cool.. but.. Need more info!!! =)
  8. heartless

    Subaru Noob

    i also have done the Forester strut lift on a 95 Legacy wagon - on the stock 14s it nets very close to 2 inches of lift with no other work add the 15" Forester tires and you can gain just a little bit more the 1st pic below is of my stock 90 sitting next to the 95 with just the strut lift, sitting on the stock tires/wheels. Look at mirror positions to really see the difference - before the strut lift they were dead even at the mirrors. 2nd pic is with the forester wheels mounted.
  9. so it is an 1157 type bulb.. OP needs to get new bulbs at the very least if that does not fix the problem, then she needs to find out why they are not working as they should
  10. i used Legacy tophats (ended up buying new KYBs, but started with the stock ones), but put 98 forester struts & springs on my 95 L even sitting on the stock 14" tires, it gave nearly 2" of added height...
  11. i can highly recommend the KYB mounts - used them myself on the 95 i had, on forester struts/springs.
  12. I will have to do a bit of digging, but i "may" have a climate control unit hiding in the garage.. not sure if it is for a 95 or the earlier 90 model I had..
  13. what type of bulb is supposed to be in the tail light? your owners manual should give you this information. if it is saying an 1157 type bulb (there are multiple pre/post additions - look at the number itself) then it is very possible the bulb is faulty. an 1157 type has 2 filaments, one for tail light function, the other for brake light function - both in one bulb. However, it would be quite odd to have both tail light filaments fail, but brake lights working. there is a separate bulb that does light to the side to make the car more visible from the side.. I guess you need to investigate the bulb configuration on the car.. how many bulbs are there facing the back of the car, and do all of them function correctly I am not familiar with the 2015 Impreza, so can not really offer you much in the way of help
  14. i agree with Larry... the 95 is a great year, but going in with a laundry list of what it needs and the costs associated with those needs may work in your favor. and being as it needs struts anyway, you might want to consider doing a strut lift on it. I loved it on mine.