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  1. yes, it is called daytime running lights.
  2. actually, the sensor reads a tone ring, which on a Subaru, is generally attached to the hub.
  3. what are you using as a comparison? And are you actually moving, or sitting still when you note these discrepancies? I have found that most bank or other signs that display temperature or more often than not incorrect.. there are a couple in town near me right next to each other, and they are invariably 3-5 degrees different from each other - and they are frequently higher than the reported "official" temperature. I have noticed with my 2002 Forester, that if the car is sitting still, with the sun beating on it, the temp will read a bit higher than "actual", but once moving, it is much more accurate.
  4. while you are there, have them read the codes for that check engine light.
  5. as an added note - the one I ended up getting rebuilt locally was so borderline that even in the car with a full charge on the battery it tested ok... but on the drive home my dash lit up like a Christmas tree with flashing lights.. pretty much all the warning lights were flickering - just a mere 20 minutes after being tested. Sure sign of an alternator issue. I swapped in an aftermarket alt while I had the stock one rebuilt. Once I got that one back, the aftermarket came out & went on a shelf.. I think I still have it out in the garage, lol. when I took the stock alt in to the re-builder, set it up on the counter, a diode literally fell out on to the counter. Guy says, "Well, there's your problem - those are supposed to be inside, not outside"
  6. it must vary by region.. cause I got 2 Hondas at the top with trucks in the middle. Subaru is not even on the list.
  7. the 2 top most stolen models are also Hondas.. Not Subarus.
  8. Put a proper charger on the battery over night to get a full charge on it - then take the whole car in to be tested immediately. It is better to have it tested in the car than on the bench. I have had alts test fine on the bench, but prove faulty when tested in the car. Repeated battery drains WILL kill a battery much faster than "normal" usage does, so do not be surprised if the battery is shot. A bad battery will kill an alternator and a bad alternator will kill a battery. And yes, the aftermarket remans are junk for these cars. I had one for my 95 Legacy rebuilt at a local to me shop - it cost a bit more, but he used high quality parts, not the cheap stuff most remans get in them - and he guaranteed his work.
  9. take the whole car.. not just the alternator.. have them test the charging system right there in the parking lot. Advance Auto will do this for free, not sure if Auto Zone does or not. You want the WHOLE picture of the charging system - both at idle and under a load (lights, blower motor, etc).
  10. my old 95 had broken wiring to the abs sensors - i just pulled the fuse for the system and went on my merry way. yes, it had an abs light on the dash so.. if you have to have inspections, that could be problematic, if no inspections, good to go.
  11. Feberg is the manufacturer - they are an aftermarket replacement.
  12. Welcome to the club! You are now officially a Subaru Owner.
  13. the only issue with the jdm link is the sections are not super clear on the labeling if you download and save them, you may want to rename the individual pdfs so you can find what you are looking for more quickly in the future
  14. no need to buy something that is freely available in a couple of different places. the one ocei77 gave a link to is probably the most common source, but there are others as well. Check the sticky topic "New Gen Subaru FAQ", page 2, about 2/3rds of the way down the page... same poster as above, even.
  15. check the plug ends.. if they are the same, then chances are it will work. if you bought one without the plug on it, yeah.. never had any luck with those myself.. even using the correct one for the application.