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  1. I am more worried about the 2.5 crank issues after HG are done, I have a couple of friends who have done gaskets only to the motor seize a year or two later after dropping 1500 for HG. Is the power really that different between 2.2 & 2.5? I might need to drive them again but I have driven my dads 2nd generation and it didn't seem to have much more power than my 2.2 if any.
  2. If I was going to to with Phase 2 I would move up to the newer body style. My dad had a 02 but it blew the HG @ 50k. I also don't think the 2nd generation outback suspension can be lifted for cheap and/or without a lot of work.
  3. That is so true John, I am also doing because I am going to outback limited for leather heated seats etc. or GT wagon for the sunroof.
  4. I am not a big fan of the regular legacy style and I thought 97-99 were interference motors is this not true? My engine is good has a bit of tick of death with 206k on it, but I might just get a rebuilt 2.2 and swap it in. Great Idea on the spacer lift, I have a friend of friend that has cnc machine so that is great idea!! Thanks for response Gloyale, USMB keep them coming.
  5. So my current roo, 91 LS Wagon, just hit 200k and I am starting to think about replacement options. I have owned somewhere around 15 Subaru's, oldest 76 newest a 96 Legacy outback. I want my next ride to be an automatic, I do lot of endurance mtn biking and mtn climbing & sometimes my legs are so spent I barley push down the clutch. This will be my 1st auto and I want to have access to the duty c mod on 4eat trannys. I want to be able to lift the wagon just like my current 91 and already have set of 15 outback wheels/studded tires. These all lead me to 97-99 model legacy outback or GT wagon. Engine options, I am planning on getting one with bad or leaking 2.5 motor and swapping it with something that would be easy bolt in, don't want to spend too much $$ or time fabricating this * 2.2 - what model year would be the best for this? Wasn't 96 last of the non-interference motors? * 2.2T - how hard or is it impossible to do this * 2.0 T - out of a WRX, would this bolt right in? * any other options? Lift options - I currently have outback struts on my legacy love the additional height. *GT wagon - can I do the same and put on outback struts to achieve lift? *Outback - how can I lift this? My current 91 sits higher than 96-99 OWB so I want to go up an inch or two since even now I hit bottom from time to time on trials with my set up Anything I am missing or other options I should think of? I know I could go with 96 outback, but then I would have to swap in auto, way too much work from what I have read. I could try to find a nice 91-94 touring wagon and get turbo and sunroof, but these are rare and hard to find one nice, plus wife wants me to get something with dual airbags.
  6. I would like to know also. I am thinking about getting a 1st generation outback legacy & swaping a 2.2 but I am concered because most automatics I have drive have been quite slow.
  7. Great, thanks I am putting in a switch so I can keep it down when I use my Bluetooth FM receiver so FM channels don't cause any interference.
  8. On factory stereo anyone know what color wire is the power for the pwr antenna for facotry 91 legacy stereo? Cheers
  9. Great idea, I how many does a Legacy have? I know about the one by the batter, and the two near the windshield. Am I missing any others? -R
  10. Its more of static sound then "alternator whine" and only comes on when I have Brakes on or charge my cell phone.
  11. Brilliant!!! Block under is great idea, I usally tell my help (wife or son) not to do past 3/4 way down but this is much better way to make sure! Thanks Larry if I was heading down your way I would take you up on the offer for sure.
  12. So this has been going on a while, when I hit the brakes turn on lights I get feedback through the radio. I also hear this when I charge my cell phone, any way to stop this?