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  1. Thanks, I did a quick search and this is what I found on http://forums.nasioc.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1033949 "I called them [sOA] regarding about this matter. They told me that SubaruBuck can be redeem by other person, and there no restriction on paper itself. So this is good any Subaru dealership." NASIOC is amazing.
  2. Thanks, not exactly what I wanted to hear though.
  3. Hi, Some might remember that my legacy got totalled and I bought RAV4. So I'm selling my stash of subarubucks on ebay and one person emailed me a question whether it is legal to use them by a third person as the owner name is printed. I assumed it was as I always saw them on ebay. The Term and Conditions printed on bucks doesn't cover the issue. Anyone had any experience with this? Thanks.
  4. The site is difficult to navigate but if you go to 2000 subaru legacy reliability tab, you have 2 red crosses (significant problems) for engine and tranny. If you click on the red cross icon, you get the details. http://autos.msn.com/research/vip/Reliability.aspx?year=2000&make=Subaru&model=Legacy&trimid=-1 It reads for engine: "Occasional problems on this vehicle are failure of the Catalytic Converter and the Air Fuel Ratio Sensor. Failure of the Catalytic Converter can cause the check engine light to illuminate. Failure of the Air Fuel Ratio Sensor can cause the check engine light to illuminate and may require the Engine Control Module (ECM) to be reprogrammed. The cost to replace the Catalytic Converter is estimated at $925.45 for parts and $130.00 for labor. The cost to replace the Air Fuel Ratio Sensor is estimated at $149.95 for parts and $45.50 for labor. The cost to reprogram the ECM is estimated at $97.50 for labor. All prices are estimates based on $65 per flat rate hour and do not include diagnostic time or any applicable sales tax." and tranny: "An occasional problem on this vehicle is failure of the Automatic Transmission. Failure of the Automatic Transmission will cause a delay in movement when driving the vehicle or the check engine light to illuminate. The cost for a remanufactured Automatic Transmission is estimated at $2,700.00 for parts and $422.50 for labor. All prices are estimates based on $65 per flat rate hour and do not include diagnostic time or any applicable sales tax." I belive this info is accurate because it mirrors all the posts we were getting with tranny, cat, and o2 sensor failures. Mine 00 legacy was totalled just recently and I had only 60000 miles with lots of babying. I had the O2 sensor replaced twice (one under recall) and the TPS once. Timing belt tensioner was replaced twice under warranty. There was a minor HG leak, "cured" by the coolant additive. My biggest gripe was poor MPG, quickly wearing tires, and noise in the drivetrain. Personally, this was my first and last subaru. I would not recommend MY00.
  5. I would advise you to look at 01 instead. Why? while mtsmiths was lucky, there are mysterious AT failures on 00. Maybe the ? maintnance is the culprit, but check http://autos.msn.com/ for reliability info on 00 and see for yourself.
  6. It was not a good move per se as the car was totalled in the process. But you are right, the mpg was not up to the par. I did all the things possible to improve it to no avail (O2 sensor, synthetic fluids, OBD2 scanner for sensor problems, etc, etc). Another reason I'm glad I switched is that according to MSN.com both engine and tranny (AT) had significant fatal problems in 2000 MY and any reader of this forum can attest to that.
  7. RAV4 owners seem to average 22-24 mpg and the numbers for the 2.4L I4 seem to be similar to the 3.5L V6. This is better than the mpg I was getting in my 00 Legacy. I agree that tribeca is a luxury car comparable to Lexus RX330.
  8. It's happened, I'm deserting the subaru camp. After the long weekend looking, I found my V6 RAV4. I have to admit, the 00 legacy served me very well (I towed a 2400 lbs boat very well) and the 06 B9 Tribeca is very impressive, but the tribeca's EPA 18/23 and premium gas requirement is insane in today's situation. I'm looking forward to RAV4's 269 HP and the EPA 21/28 mpg. Good luck to you guys, you are a great bunch!
  9. I test drove the I4 RAV4 but my dealer has no V6 in stock! There is only one car in the entire SE region that has V6, towing package, and 3 rows of seats. We are trying to locate it. It will be hard as hudge crowds of people are milling in the toyota dealership. At the same time, the subaru dealership was deserted. I was the only client there test driving a tribeca. It is a sweat car and drives like a dream, but like I said, $10000 over comparable RAV4. The worst think is that tribeca's EPA numbers are 18/23 of premium gasoline compared to RAV4's 21/28 mpg in 3.5L V6 269HP 4WD (regular gas)!
  10. Just a few days ago I would not believe I would be jumping on this bandwagon, but here I am. My 2000 legacy was totalled by my wife (not her fault). I did some checking and this new 2006 Rav4 with 269HP, 3.5L, V6, 4WD, and 7-person seating is $10000 or so cheaper than tribeca B9, that is comparable. Cheaper than OBW with NA 2.5. IMHO, Subaru will have a hard time competing with this offering.
  11. This is technically correct, but the stock cooler is insufficient in hight speed driving or towing in HOT, tropical weather. The Subaru was made to run in both arctic AND tropical weather, so there are compromises here. Nobody knows what the AT temp is calibrated at. I saw up to 220F in my tranny and the lamp was off.
  12. Nonsense. This is engine oil-style filter. No extra gasket needed. BTW, its very hard to unscrew the old one. Consider yourself warned.
  13. Sorry, can't understand. Can one translate this for me, please?
  14. Can you elaborate on the scoop mod and fuel treatment?