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  1. LoPro

    Found another Brat!

    I'd love to buy those plastic pillar trim pieces behind the windows from you. The pieces I want are circled in red in my profile pic!
  2. Hey thanks for the reply. Im actually looking for the pieces just behind the driver/passenger windows. The piece is circled in red in my profile picture to the left of this post <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
  3. Anyone got em?? Its the piece circled in red in my profile pic to the left of this post. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
  4. I need the plastic piece that is just next to the passenger window which is circled in red in my profile pic to the left. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Can anyone sell this to me?!?!?!?!
  5. Hey I need that plastic piece between the window and the 'BRAT' decal on the passenger side! (its the piece that is missing in my profile photo on the left, the photo is upside down) <<<<<<<<<<<<<
  6. I need a set of seals/gaskets for my transmission! 1979 BRAT. Who's got my medicine??
  7. Hi, I'm having some electrical problems in the car. I think some of them could be solved at the fuse panel but I don't know which fuse is for what function or it's correct amperage. There must have been a cover over the panel that had the info but its long gone. Would anyone be kind enough to give me a break down of the fuse panel and amperage? Thanks so much!
  8. And finally, does anyone have some original seat belts for sale?
  9. Haha yes. They were not there when I got it. But there is a blurb about them in the owners manual is the only reason I know they were there at one time! I don't necessarily need originals but I'm not sure how I'd secure any generic lap belts...
  10. Hi I have a 79 BRAT and I'd like to put simple lap belts in the jump seats to make it legal for people to ride back there. Any ideas? Has anyone done this? Thanks! Ben