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  1. grizzlypaugh

    ea82 fuel injected swap

    They ea81 is blown just want to swap the whole ea82.
  2. I am wondering if I can swap a fuel injected ea82 out of a 93 2wd loyale into a 81 gl 4x4 with a ea81 and 4 speed.
  3. My trans at any point wines growls anything. Has oil smells looks and feels fine. What is the cause
  4. grizzlypaugh

    Need some blanks filled

    oh ok, is there stuff to look for when lookin at subaru's?
  5. grizzlypaugh

    Need some blanks filled

    im down for junk yards thats where i try to get all my parts lol and fuel injected D/R? does D/R stand for something?
  6. grizzlypaugh

    Need some blanks filled

    hahahaha thanks for answering my questions now a little more details on my last question would be great. and what mileage you guys see?
  7. Hi, im new to subarus i have always liked them, I think that a subaru with the hi/low selection with a 5speed fuel injected is where it is lol so my question is are they cheap to work on? and are they good on gas even if they are running 29s? and one more, usually there are certain cars that a better if you can find them, is there a subaru that is better than most if you can find them? like have better factory stuff or something? Thanks.
  8. Hi, new to forum i have always liked Subaru"s never have had one, hope to get one someday im just wanting to learn more about Subaru's in general.