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  1. Well, I picked it up and drove it to work this morning. I guess it's too early to tell if anything is improved. Like I said before, it's rare that it falls out of gear, and has only caused me to get stuck once. It was about a 20 minute drive to work so I'm hoping that it shifts smoothly into D on my way home instead of the usual delay and hard shift.
  2. New user here. 2000 Outback with 125,000 miles. I'm thinking I have the same issue as everyone else. My Outback usually engages from P to D just fine, although it can be a bit harsh and slow when cold. Sometimes it takes a few seconds to kick in. What has been happening to me from time to time is when I pull up to a stop light or pull off of the freeway to a stop sign, it will sometimes slip out of drive and then just kick in kind of hard when I give it some gas. The other day I pulled up to a stop light and when it turned green I hit the gas and nothing happened. What I did NOT do is give it very much gas. I just figured my transmission was shot. Moved it from P to D back and forth, nothing. The only gear that worked was reverse. Some fine folks pushed me into the gas station parking lot and after a few attempts I was able to get it into drive and it seemed to be working just fine again. All this time I never reved up the engine very high at all, I didn't even think to try that. After finding this forum and reading up on all the Trans-X success I went to my local AutoZone and picked some up. I then brought my car to the Subaru dealership and told them to flush the transmission fluid and replace it with a Synthetic. They said their standard TX fluid is synthetic anyways. I then told them to leave it 15 oz short and gave them the Trans-X "fix in a can" I picked up. It's at the dealer now. I'll report back how it goes. I really hope this is the same issue as everyone else. At 120K miles, I'll have a hard time justifying spending too much money on this car. Thanks!