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  1. Subarunner

    Tranny Swap, Turbo Vs NA

    Awesome! Thanks! I'm gonna do it. If I don't have an LSD, I'll go find one. This stuff will go along nicely with the 3/2 lift, 14 wheels and freshened motor I'm prepping for. I'm trying to build a universal kind of subie. I want a utility vehicle to make weekly trips to San Diego, a Pre-runner styled car for the high desert dirt roads and finally a crawler for the snowy mountain roads and trails. Have Fun!
  2. I want to put an 86'GL Wagon, NA, 5sp, DR, 4x4 tranny into my 86'GL-10 Turbo, 5sp Wagon. Is this possible? Do the axles and such match up? Thanks
  3. Subarunner

    Exaust Fumes!!!

    Exactly! I usually do both. Keep the windows up and turn the car off at long stops. Looks like time to chase a new exaust system Thanks Guys Have Fun Corbin
  4. Subarunner

    First lifted run (PICS)

    Sweeet!!! Hope to follow in your footsteps eventually.
  5. I just got my second 86' Wagon on the road and just like the first one, I'm getting exuast fumes in the cabin some how. I didn't notice anythiing during the first 500 miles or so. Anyone have experience with this kind of thing? Hack!!Hack!!!Cough.......barf!!!!!! Thanks Corbin
  6. Subarunner

    Carb Vs Turbo Long Block

    Thanks for the great info everyone! I think I go ahead with the Turbo on carb short block and drive the crap out of it while I put together another turbo motor on the side. Have Fun! Corbin
  7. My 86' Turbo wagon engine is nearly worn out and I have an 86' carbed engine with only 120K on it. Can I bolt the Turbo stuff onto the carbed long block or are they set up differently for turbo? Thanks Have Fun! Corbin
  8. Subarunner

    EGR Light on!

    That's hilarious! I had not even paid attention to my mileage until it was mentioned. Yep! came on at 180,000. I cant' waite till 250,000. Haaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! Have fun! Corbin
  9. Subarunner

    EGR Light on!

    Thanks rebuild, The stress level has just dropped about 90%. As per your instructions......."EGR problem solved". Now I can concentrate on this weekend' smog recert. Thanks Again Have Fun! Corbin
  10. Hey Suberoids, Thanks for all the help on chasing my previous smog issues. I found out that in my 86' Wagon's past life, someone had replaced the rear cat with a muffler. I'm pretty sure that's what caused me to fail as a gross polluter. I will find out for sure this weekend when I replace the exhaust system with the one from my 85' parts car and go for recertification. Last week out of the blue, my EGR warning light on the dash come on. My Hanes Manual doesn't give me a decent wiring diagram so troubleshooting is a little rough. Does anyone where the sender is that would cause the light to come on? It's an 86' 4x4 Wagon, MT, Carburated, Federal, Non-Computer controlled. Thanks Corbin
  11. Iv'e got the two original cats on now with 180,000 miles on the vehicle. Yep! It failed as a gross polluter at 2500 RPM but passed at Idle. At 2500 RPM, Max allowable HC is 150, I was 181. Max allowable CO % is 2.7, I was 4.49
  12. I was afraid that was the case. That jacked up the replacement cost a bit. I found front and center exhaust section replacements online for about $400 total. It's either that or fab a couple of $99 aftermarket cats into the existing systems myself. Any other cost savers (cheap asses like me) out there who have passed smog this way? Is it feasable? Thanks Have Fun!
  13. Still chasing smog issues on my 86' GL10 Wagon. Now beginning to suspect the cat. Is it true? Does this model actually have two cats, one in the front "Y" section of exhaust and another in the center section? Hellllllp! Have Fun!
  14. Subarunner

    Failed Smog Again!

    Thanks edrach and GLCraigGT, Checked my disty vacuum advance and its working great. Since I have invested about 300 hours in getting this new hobby on the road, I guess it's time to bite the bullit and take it to Subaru. It's been so fun this far that I'm sure a visit to the Dealer will only hurt for a little while. HAAAAAAA!!!!!! Thanks again Have Fun!
  15. Subarunner

    Failed Smog Again!

    Yep! Got her good and hot plus being 110 deg. outside that day didn't hurt. Yes, I received a "Passed" for the idle test. Just failed the 2500 RPM test. Thanks for your input Have Fun!