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  1. Does this look bent? This is what the other side looks like. It looks like the bushing is a little crunched up.
  2. Going to look at a 2000 Subaru Outback 82000 miles, I know a decent amount about older subarus. But every model is a little different so any thing I should look for?
  3. ontherun987

    First time weber start up

    It was done 20,000 before I got the car 8 years ago. I have put 12,000 on it since.
  4. ontherun987

    First time weber start up

    What brand of timing belts should I buy, are these ok? Can I just replace the belt or do I need to do the whole set? https://www.ebay.com/itm/For-85-94-1-8L-SUBARU-1800-GL-Loyale-RX-XT-NON-TUR-TURBO-TIMING-BELT-KIT-EA82T/400176384460?fits=Model%3AGL|Make%3ASubaru&epid=20003000648&hash=item5d2c5f09cc:g:fs0AAOSwEppUNE~z
  5. ontherun987

    First time weber start up

    Nope, but I have seen milesfox's videos on it
  6. I just finished my weber install. it ran great for 4 minutes , then quit suddenly. I couldn't get it to start again, I thought the choke open and killed it. After playing with it for awhile checking fuel and spark, I noticed this. Awesome more fun coming right up
  7. ontherun987

    Almost no stopping power 87 GL

    I am unsure, I did them a while back and I haven't driven the car for a long while. It was stopping just fine the day before.
  8. ontherun987

    Almost no stopping power 87 GL

    Nope the reservoir is full and I haven't seen and leaks in the drive way? I will check the pads tomorrow.
  9. ontherun987

    Almost no stopping power 87 GL

    Do I just cut it out and force it into the new hose?
  10. I have to go almost to the floor. My brake booster vacuum line has a couple of good cracks in it. Is this the cause of almost no stopping power?
  11. So the shift mount on my 87 GL broke and I would like some input on my fix I Found this online, I don't have a welder so bolt on is great I scarped the old rubber and sent both side through the drill press. This is how it fits. I plan on painting it at some point but is seems to be working What do you guys think?
  12. How hard is the weber to install? I will be putting in a weber sometime this weak. Any tips? And thank you for all your help in advance . I have read the write up by loyale 2.7, just looking for all the info I can get
  13. Has anyone ever seen these rear seat in the wild? I am hunting for rear headrest
  14. ontherun987

    What is this?

    I unplugged this(doing the valve covers) and I can't seem to find the hose the was connected. What does it connect to? What is it? Do I need it? What does it do?
  15. I am looking to order a weber soon, should I get this kit and buy the trans dapt to go with? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Subaru-1985-1987-1-8L-OHC-EA82-Weber-Carb-Conversion/331100259795 Is there a cheaper option?