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  1. turfman454

    pre heater hose route

    Bennie you have a pic of yours
  2. turfman454

    pre heater hose route

    mine is all original and i have had it since new. I just cant remember if there was something it slip into. I dont think it just hangs loose
  3. 1984 Brat with 1.8. Guys where the preheater hose from the bottom of the air filter go once it leaves the air filter housing. Most run to the exhaust somewhere. Am i missing a bracket or what. Its the silver looking hose that looks like a small dryer vent hose.
  4. turfman454

    Rpm needle jumping

    dealt with this recently. ON mine the wires to the coil were loose
  5. turfman454

    Wire going to carby

    fuel stop/choke
  6. turfman454

    Clicking noise 87 brat

    just replaced a drivers side axle with a new one. Starting clicking in a few miles. It does happen . not doing it in fwd is kinda odd
  7. HAd the same problem on my 84. The squirter that sprays into the bowl was clogged. It is so small an orifice that we actually had to use a wire from a wire brush to open it up and clean out the gunk. No wonder it can clog being so small. Old ethanol gas is what caused mine. We also redrilled the lever from the accelerator pump to the throttle linkage so it dumps i little more gas at first throttle. Im getting ready to actually rebuild the carb again by letting t soak all night in solvent and get a carb drill to open it up a little more. I have driven it a little over a 1000 miles since the rebuild and as long as dont try to run it wide open it is just fine at highway speeds. Hopes this help
  8. turfman454

    HELP!carb problems

    are you running the stock air cleaner? if so there is a thermo valve on the air cleaner bottom. Mine would run fine until it got warm. This thing would open up and cause a huge vacuum leak. Just plug it.
  9. turfman454

    84 brat wiper motor park location

    okay the main bracket from the motor was !80 off .im back in business. Thanks for the help
  10. turfman454

    84 brat wiper motor park location

    thanks. I think somehow he must have removed the two attachment point rods that go to the motor. They start out counter clockwise when you first turn them on
  11. i realize this is an odd request. I think my painter put the wiper arms for the motor on in some weird way that i cannot get the wipers to operate correctly or park in the right position. It appears to be wired back correctly since there is okly one way to plug it back in. When you hit the wiper switch the wiper motor is pulling the wipers down. Anyone have a picture with the cowl panel removed so i can see how they are supposed to be attached when they are in the park position
  12. turfman454

    source for rear cv axles

    thanks. ill give it a shot
  13. turfman454

    source for rear cv axles

    its the rear of an e81(84) model. I have a clicking from the left rear one