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  1. Hi all, We've been pretty busy getting more and more vehicles fit for our Offroad Bar - the latest is the XV Crosstrek. All fitments available on each of of quarterly builds - our year-end one is almost ready to begin but there is time for you to jump in if you like: http://www.gorillaoffroadcompany.com/_ads/build-2014Q4.htm Here are a couple pics of the XV: Let me know if you have any questions.
  2. I know its been a while since I've posted in this forum. I try to stay true to customer base and not try to pretend like I have something to offer everyone. At this time, the oldest vehicle we've confirmed a fit on is a 1999 Legacy/Outback. Some of our products might fit older Subarus but regardless we are constantly looking for opportunities to work on any Subaru. We hope to resume work on an 81 Brat later this year. In the meantime, I leave the links below should people find themselve interested in learning more about what I'm doing and/or shuold you have stumbled across this post looking for something similar to what we're working on and offering. Thank you. Product Information: http://www.gorillaoffroadcompany.com/product-list.cfm Photos: https://www.facebook.com/GorillaOffroad/photos_albums Frequently Asked Questions: http://www.gorillaoffroadcompany.com/faqs.cfm
  3. Have you made any brush guard/skid plates for 95 GC8s

  4. Thanks to the guys at Oak Leaf Auto Salvage for awesome service, got me a new radiator in two days! Put it in last night and works wonderfully.
  5. Skemcin

    81 GL Wagon Gets a Gorilla Bar

    Thanks for the reply. Yeah, there is no question the OEM long-bar is beefier but it would also cost more money and that wasn't in our customer's budget - I would have preferred going that route too and adding a skid plate that covers everything down there. But, the good news is we have a local vehicle that is fairly accessible should anyone wish for that bar to be made. To elaborate on that point, this project was meant to at least show that we have access to an older Subaru that will allow us to do some work for this community. Completing this bar (finished product photos still to come) hopefully shows that I'm not just hoping in here and there to "advertise" me company but that I am series and able to provide high quality products for these older vehicles. So, should anyone wish for one of these bars to be made or if you'd like a long bar replicated with a few slight variations please feel free to contact me so we can discuss how to make that happen. Thanks again for all the feedback. I'll post some pictures with the mounted finished product as soon as I can.
  6. Skemcin

    81 GL Wagon Gets a Gorilla Bar

    Sorry about the large pictures, I forgot this site doesn't resize images and I thought it was my browser that wasn't registering the javascript that does that. Thank you. Availability is explained below. There was some thought about doing that but it was going to affect the ground clearance and approach angle quite a bit that the customer didn't want it - so we stuck to a light bar and within his budget. But, we would really like to do a more complete bar like we did for the Impreza and Baja. We actually have one of the Long Bars in the shop that this customer brought - a pretty heavy and bulky piece, much more so than I expected. Personally, I really would like to run a batch of either this bar or a replica of the factory Long Bar but from a business perspective I needed to test the waters with this bar. Hopefully with this project and post I can gauge interest/demand and if its there move forward with a production run. I have a Brat scheduled for the shop in March so if this withers I have a "second wind" opportunity. What I will do this week is put together a cost for this bar and post it here with pictures taken after it is powder coated. And we'll take it from there. My problem is, I don't know what other years and makes this will fit as I am not as well versed on the older Subarus - any insight on that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the responses and the interest. Let me know if there are other questions or concerns.
  7. Chromoly tubing, powder coated and 1/8 6061 aluminum for the skid plate.
  8. Powder coating is next. Thoughts/Impressions ...
  9. Gorilla Bar = $399 Skid Plate = $175 (optional) Winch Mount = $125 (optional) Shipping ranges $135 to $180
  10. Skemcin

    Please Help ...

    Hello Everyone, Our company recently applied for a grant and I am asking you for your help / vote. FedEx is giving away $25,000 to companies who qualify and we recently were accepted and entered into the drawing. Although the decision to award the money is not entirely based on votes, the rules do state it does help them select the finalists. So, again, I am asking for your help and your vote. I am hoping you have liked what we have done in less than a year of opening our doors and I am asking that you vote for us EVERY DAY through November 24th. And please help us forwarding the web address to your friends, family, co-workers, and customers if you feel us worthy of the award, asking them to do the same. Link: http://grantcontest.fedex.com/fedex-small-business-grant-voting/microsite/gallery/5086b60cef39ecc838453407 I greatly appreciate you taking the time to read this message and consider my request. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to let me know. Thank you in advance for all you help. Sincerely, Gorilla Offroad Company
  11. Skemcin

    Q3 Build Calendar

    Hello all. Due to our somewhat last minute decision to become a sponsor of the upcoming Ojibwe Forest Rally on August 25 we have decided to push our production schedule back a couple weeks. This will allow for our promotion efforts to take affect, so to speak. As I reviewed our calendar I realized that any sales coming from the rally would require another production run to be scheduled. So, in the interest of being more productive and more efficient, I felt it would be in our best interest to post-pone the schedule. The revised schedule also collapses all products into the same run - rather than staggering them as before. Here is where we are at this point. Light Bar (all versions), Intake (all versions), Trailing Arm (all version) Deposits for all accepted now. Thu. Sep. 06 = All Deposits Due Thu. Sep. 13 = Production Begins Wed. Sep. 19 = All Final Payments Due Fri. Sep. 21 = Packing & Shipping (throughout the weekend) Other News We have a few builds we are working on scheduling too. The cars include 87 GL Wagon, a 97 Legacy, a 11 Forester, and a 11 WRX
  12. It's the latest product we just introduced at GorillaOffroadCompany.com. They were fit on a 2002 Impreza OBS do my research found these would fit the following models/years. Impreza 93-07 Forester 98-08 Legacy 95-99 (corrections welcomed)
  13. Yeah, I always read posts twice to make sure I don't "read into it" - I don't tend to react to that anyhow but I totally understood where you were coming from and as I mentioned I welcome and appreciate it. I'm definitely not one to portray myself as someone who knows anymore about something than the next guy. So I appreciate all your input. I have spoken to a Superwinch representative who actualy told me how the documented winch rating are much lower than their actual capabilities. This is basically because of the common misconception you point out - so many folks seem to think 4,500 lbs is available when you pull even just a foot of cable out of the winch (which is obviously not the case). There is a lot of good documentation here as well: http://www.superwinch.com/content/Choose+The+Right+Winch.content_detail/4377.0.1.1?content_id=4377-7789bb156f90a52a1db1048c362014d6 Anyway - good discussion and thanks for sharing your thoughts. There is a lot more to winching than many folks tend to think. I've tried to incorporate that knowledge into our designs and our disclosures. Anyway, thanks again for the conversation. Let me know if there is anything else that comes to mind.
  14. I don't think you're being rude at all - valid questions and concerns. On the bar with the winch mount there a total of 10 mount points. They are: - Two on the front corners of the subframe - One on each side of the front main frame - One on each side at the back/end of the bar to the main frame - Two on the center jack mount - Two throw the bumper beam where the license plate bracket used to be The skid plate covers the width of the lower radiator support funneling back to the area just behind where front axles come out of the front diff - that includes protection of the front section of the exhaust too. I've hit a few mild trails out here going a little faster than I should and in areas that my clearance was challenged - and the bar has done its job well. I would love and look forward to testing it more each time out but until I can afford a test/beater vehicle I have to go with what I've done and what my customers have done. I am just beginning a conversation with a local owner of an 81 wagon so I'm pretty excited about the opportunity to build something with a more deep offroad purpose - we'll see. Sent using my iPod