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  1. Yea I really wish the time was spent working on the Brat or ER27. I had a good time with my friend building the turbo corrado, I think it looks freaking sweet! We did a lot of custom stuff to it. I had to build about 20 custom tool to get the project done!!! I think VW hires really smart engineers to build their cars as UNUSER FRIENDLY as possible to repair!!! I have two more projects to finish which should be done by the middle of September. Once done I will start on the brat FINALLY!!! Subyrally...If I don't get rid of the brat too soon after it's finished then we can meet up and check out rides!
  2. That's really ironic that you ask but at the same time not much of an update. The irony is I have been thinking about it non-stop today, planning designing and scheming. Plans to the residing vehicle may be changing. First, plans were to modify the 84 Brat for it to allow the ER27 to take place of the EA81. The ER27 I originally had was an extra motor pulled from the junk yard that I was rebuilding. That block turned out to have extensive damage on the sleeves and would need to be resleeved. My second option was to pull the one from my XT6 that I knew ran, which I did pull and had all the machining done to that block. This leaves me with the dilemma of what to do with my XT6 chassis. It does need work to remedy rust spots on the chassis, but not much more then the brat. I only just started to ponder this route. It will save me from rebuilding the frame to accept the XT6 crossmember and the wider engine. The chassis side of the suspension is far superiour to that of the brat and will allow me to modify the suspension to greater level. There is substantually more room in the XT6 then the cramped brats cockpit with my knees pressed to the dash. The stance of the wheel base is slightly longer and wider, not to mention the aerodynamics .29. The PRO's to the build outway the obstacles that I have to overcome. I now need to figure where I am going to mount the 2 intercoolers and rework where the turbos are going to sit. I have been playing with the idea of moving the radiator to the rear still, along with the battery to help with weight distribution and cramped spaces. I will be removing the rear seats and possibly adding one rear center mounted (removable) racing seat with a 5 point harness so 2 friends can still ride with me. I have quite a bit of body rust around the fenders which might constitute me building my own fiberglass fenders and body kit, front and rear bumpers. I am bummed because I had everything planned out for the Brat, I could litterally see that car built in my mind! I guess I plan on doing a rebuild on the brats engine and drop the carb and try to convert it to MPFI. I already have the engine bay stripped. I will clean it up really nice, fix the rust and clean up the suspension. I then plan on selling it when it is up to my standards! This is against my better judgement!!! The military may be giving me orders here in the next few weeks to years and I cant tote around 2 project cars my daily driver and family car espessially since if I do go overseas I am only allowed 1 car . I will soon be refocasing my energy into the ER27TT. As said before I have been very busy! I just finished the FULL dismantling of my friends 1992 Volkswagen Corrado engine and rebuilt it from the rings up. He decided that he wanted me to "SLAP A TURBO" on the car durring the build, so I designed the full turbo system for his VR6! I will start a thread shortly to show off the car. Here is a quick peek of the before and after. This should be a good testimate to my abilities as a mechanics and incorperating design into my car build. I did all (no speed shop or mechanics shop) the work minus a few thing that my friend (the owner) helped me with. We are finishing the body kit right now and then I will be finished! After Anywho, I still have to build an exhaust for my friends 1998 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS. I am working on laying the floor in my kitchen for the remodel, and I am also working on building and improving a "WORTHLESS" hydrogen generator for my automatic 1991 Legacy that used to get 23 MPG highway but now gets 32 MPG off of 3 dinky little plates (testing phase in work). I know that's not a lot based off what it should get for MPG if it were new(22/29) but thats still 3 MPG over stock highway estimates. Oh yea thats at an aveage of 80 MPH. Ok Sorry about the LONG rant. I hope this brings you up to date on things, wish it could be more monumental, low on money and time.
  3. Ok sure... The thing is we are not trying to run the car directly off of HHO. It is the combination of gasoline and HHO that is what we are trying to get. The HHO increases combustion temp, ignites and burns quicker which will increase the amount of gasoline burnt in the engine. This will aid in a more complete burn.
  4. Yep, My buddy and I just finished a crude one for his car so he can run it to georgia tomarrow. Our first one was on a carb'd truck and we saw a gain. This one is getting installed on a 91 Legacy EJ22. Hope to see gains without a eefi. We will let you know!
  5. Thats cool! calculate what she said. 1L of h2o will be used when the car is moving 80Kph for 1 hour. Convert that to stardard 1 L will move the car at 50mph for 1 hour. Multiply the liter by 3.75 to figure out how many gallons per L and then we can figure out its MPG...187 MPG. Thats crazy!!! So now you have to figure that with a larger heavier car. You are looking at something about 60-80 MPG. Thats cool!
  6. I was thinking the same thing about setting up a venturi in the intake right after the throttle. I was thinking about making a throttle body spacer that is built to act as a venturi sucking in the HHO gas. To prevent the pressure buildup in the tube I would use a one way valve.
  7. Cool! I will let you know when I can make the purchase. Thanks!
  8. Scott in "B" I have a flywheel sitting around waiting to get drilled for the EA-EJ swap. I was wondering if I were to send you my flywheel how much would you credit me toward a drilled and dressed flywheel for the swap?
  9. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polycarbonate Melting temp- 267°C or 512°F Lexan is basically a high grade, high temp plastic. It is used in the headlight and taillights for its high impact resistance. If it is going to be contain water inside the cell, which it will, the water would have to be 2x hotter the boiling water for it to melt.... Your not going to have a problem.
  10. I am not sure if it is that big of a deal running HHO before the turbo, but it DOES have its safety risks and it will pull a huge vaccum on the system just as it would downstream of the turbo. As far as the pressurized cell: The process is not like boiling water since the reaction is controlled by the electricity. It will constantly output gas, the delay would be based off of the amount of HHO the cell would make vs the pressure demand on the system. From what I have seen pressure will not increase gas output nor decrease it. The pressure on the cell would make it look like it is not making gas, it is just "pilliaging & plundering" the cell of its gas. I know these cells, depending on their size, can make a lot of gas and build pressure. I will have to test a one way valve. I bought one and installed it on my friends cell to try and use it as a flash suppression unit, needless to say it did not work. If instead I could use it so the engine does not pull a vaccum on the cell, it should work. Yo'J Look into Acrylic/Lexan. You can buy thin pieces at lowes in the plexyglass isle. You can "glue" the glass together and make whatever size cell you want. About the ALT: not a loss of power but on my friends old ford the alt was crapping out anyway and the increased draw on the alt was causing it to drain the battery. We are working on installing a 100 or 120 amp alt now. I belive it is running a 60 ro 80 amp now.
  11. WOW... I guess I just had to wait it out and let the thread move back on course. My friend put a small booster on his 6 cyl 300ci ford and he said that he was getting a huge boost in fuel economy. I am about to get regain access to a drill press to finish up my cell and then once complete it will be going on my 90 legacy. I have been keeping tabs on my milage, which i am getting right around 21-22 MPG constant (not trying to drive it any more fuel efficiant, driving at my crazy normal pace). I should have the cell built by next week and then I will post some pics so you can see, possibly a video also. As far as turbocharged engines go. I also plan on working on this kundrum you speak of about putting massive pressures on the cell. I would imagine you would have to build a system that will increase the pressure inside the cell and inject the HHO gas in the intake rather then let the engine suck the gas out of the cell. There will be more to come on this subject later. I am sure it is possible, it is just a minor detail that needs to be overcome.
  12. Cool, I was practicing with porting my heads but just have not had time to get around to it. I know there is not a huge amount of material to remove in the heads. If you recall I cut up an ER27 head in the name of science to see how much material I had to work with;http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/showthread.php?t=71766 I am twin turbocharging the ER27. The project has been on hold due to new house remodeling but soon It will kick back into gear! Can't wait!!
  13. So this is what I got! From what you see R-160 or R-180? You said that the R-160 has stubs, this one does not... R-180? If it is an R-180, where can I find an R-180 3.9 R/P? With the R-160 up front and the R-180 in the rear with the Gear ratios the same but different diameters will I be ok or do the gear ratio AND diameter have to be the same to prevent damage? On the other hand, I have about 10 2.2L legacys sitting in the junkyard U-pull-it yard. Would there be a better gear ratio that I can pull from one of those that might work, or from a nissan for the rear R-180 and a subaru front R-160. Also, can I take the D.O.J. from the svx axle and swap it with the D.O.J. from a EJ22? Just curious. I might just go back and pull the entire rear end from the SVX and fit it under the BRAT. Yep, either crazy or retarded! Sorry about the questions, I know the basics about diffs but I really want to learn more. Thanks for your help guys!
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