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  1. I used to do Subaru oil changes several times a week on those cars. We did call it the fire ring. There is no reason you can't get your hand up there, and I never even used a socket cap wrench to even pull them off, and the cars/ Exhaust were HOT when I did it.. Pliers or a 3 jaw wrench is what I used

    Now when I did laying on the ground oil changes to my girlfriends moms '10 legacy, I actually used a Honda V6 filter. Same specs but slightly longer to make it easier to grab

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  2. Best advice would be to buy a tread depth gauge. Walmart even sells them now for a dollar or so, or any auto parts store. any more than 2/32" variance or so and I would want an alignment. Check in 3 places or otherwise just look for uneven wear

    That would be for second from left. If your tires are flat spotted ( left ) then you need shocks/ struts or you got your tires at discount automart and the balance is way out.


  3. takes a while to set up an allignment rack and often you'll find something just a smidge out of spec to where, your that close it might as well be done and at that point take your money for an alignment.. 

    I had a buddy who recently went out of business who did alignment checks for $20, and $60 for the alignment which is dirt cheap here as well as having a low labor rate. He closed his business because he wasn't making enough. But he had a large customer base.

  4. 4 minutes ago, bull6791 said:


      I totally understand you are no expert. Did you ever hear that if a vehicle is pulling to the right or left that is a sign you need an alignment 

      You are a tire installer the works for a place that sell tires. Thanks. 

    alignment is one possibility for pulling left or right. But also, you can have a hung brake and not know it, and there is also the possibility that a tire has a broken belt or is under pressure, and causing a pull due to high rolling resistance..

    BTW I used to do allignments, but hated doing them so I'm glad I don't do them where I'm at

  5. 6 hours ago, bull6791 said:


      The Nokian wrg4 tires are they new because I can not find any reviews on the tires. What kind of tires are they. Also are they good in any kind of weather. Snow and rain. Thanks. 

    They are " All weather tires " designed and majority built in Finland, the remainder is built in Russia.  They are snowflake rated for severe winter duty, but also carry a 60k mile warranty for use in every season. Nokian has been making a WRG all weather for probably 10 years now and the WRG4 was introduced into 2017 alongside the WRG3 originally. Now the WRG3 is discontinued and Nokian will likely have a WRG5 out at some point. Reviews are out there


  6. From top to bottom recommendations

    Nokian WRG3/ WRG4 ( severe discounts on WRG3 right now as they are on clearance )

    Nokian Entyre

    Mastercraft Grand Touring LSR/ Cooper CS5

    Uniroyal Tiger Paw

    Bridgstone Ecopia

    General Altimax RT43

    Veredestine Quadrac 5- I am not a dealer for these, but they are probably as good as a WRG3. Wish we could get them, but Nokian and Veredestine dealers don't intermix

    We sell the Kelly Edge A/S as our bottom price in stock tire. This is a slightly better tire than the Douglas All Season you get from Walmart and about as low as I would go.

  7. Subaru has Symetrical AWD that powers all tires all the time, so even rotated they will wear faster than a 2wd vehicle either rear or front drive and for sure, your only getting that far if you rotate. No tire will survive that much past 40k miles unless you buy a highway tire with a very hard rubber compound ( high treadwear number ) and it will be rated for a crazy amount of miles, 75-90k miles. But then look at the rain traction on that tire and it will be non existent

    Bridgestone Dueler isn't a bad tire, anything that Khumo makes is garbage. severe Runout, just pure junk

  8. Bridgestone Dueler or the Geolanders are optional on The Foresters. 50-60k will not happen on a Subaru with 'good' tires. If you get 40k out of a set on any Subaru your doing good.

    Thing to remember is tires with a high mile warranty are going to be made of a very hard rubber. They won't have the best traction but they will wear and wear. I will never recommend such a tire.

    One of the big reasons I advocate a Nokian is their rock solid warranty. The WRG4 has a 60k mile warranty in a size a Forester will accept. It will last 30-35k miles which is average for a Subaru. Nokian will cover the warranty and your next set will come in at 50% off more or less.. Keeping in mind that Nokian is not the most expensive tire. We install WRG 3 or WRG 4 tires on probably 90% of the Subaru's we service. Most of those are warranty exchanges with happy customers that love how the tires handle

  9. Michelin is overpriced junk IMO. The rubber stays soft for years, so if you don't drive often Ig that's a plus. But for the same cost or less, there are better options

    General/ Continental ls the same company. Continental is generally overpriced, and General is fairly priced. An Altimax RT43 is an ok tire

    My vote will always go to Nokian after running them personally, and seeing how they balance. They are not cheap but also not expensive.. Also if they do knot or have belt seperation, getting them to do something for you is pretty easy. pretty uncommon but, they stand behind the product

      If you want something a little less expensive, I would probably recommend the Mastercraft LSR Grand touring. It's their 3rd tier up product line. It's a pretty good all season, cheap and reliable


  10. Nokian WR G4, all weather.  Cooper are 'good enough' as well as Mastercraft.. But the Nokian is an all weather tire. Being in PA, that means don't worry about switching to snow tires. They are snowflake rated, and carry a 40k mile warranty plus Nokian is very good about honoring the warranty.

    That said, do not buy Nokians online and take them to just any tire dealer. The beads are made special ( 2 ridges ), and they run dead true and perfect but only if you take them up to ~60 PSI before letting them down to spec.. Buy a Nokian from a Nokian dealer.

    The Entyre 2.0 is a nice tire as well but it's a ho hum all season. It's better than something like a Mastercraft LSR, but an LSR will run straight enough and is just a good cheap tire. Some Cooper/ MC tires are scary how much they runout side to side they have. We sent back probably 5 sets of Courser MSR ( Discover M+S sister tire ) because they were just unusable this winter..  I work at a Mastercraft/ and Nokian tire dealer. We do sell about every other brand as well