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  1. DangerDussault

    87 Subaru RX idle air control valve

    Okay sweet I live close by to that place I'll check it out thanks for your help everyone
  2. I'm have the same problem with my IAC in 87 turbo RX any know where I can another? Auto part stores in my areas all have the wrong one
  3. DangerDussault

    87 Subaru RX idle air control valve

    Any idea where I can get a new one? I've been looking but no luck
  4. So the idle on my car has become very irregular, at first it just sat at about 100rpm and I tried using the idle adjustments but they had no effect And my should be right I just checked right before this started Now though all of it sudden it idles at between 6-900 rpm just constantly going up and down up and down, if I give it a little throttle it smoothes out and sounds find but will try to die unless I back off very slowly. One of my friends said to check out the idle air control valve but I can't find it, so anyone have suggestions?
  5. DangerDussault

    1987 RX drift project

    My throttle response is HORRIBLE a solid 1-2 seconds of lag sometimes and I've replaced the throttle positioning sensor once already so if anyone has ideas before I start replacing more things it would be nice
  6. DangerDussault

    RWD 87 RX

    Do you know what kind of trans I can put in to make it last??
  7. DangerDussault

    RWD 87 RX

    Okay I'll try that soon thanks for the help
  8. DangerDussault

    RWD 87 RX

    I'm looking to convert my RX to rwd and I was wondering if any one could help me out on what I need to do