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    I love subaru's with a passion i hope one day to finish turning my car in to a rally car its my dream to complet this project i think i would feel compleet if i do haha na i just want to build a nother one what am i talking about :)
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    1985 subaru gl 4wd

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  1. Well the car is new to me it was givin to me i plant to eventuly just tear the motor and tranny out any ways to put in a whole new power plant but i need it to just run for the time being tell i have the funds to swap every thing so im gunna take a little of every ones advise and all replace the fule filter check the pressure that my fule pump is putting out what it should all drop my fule tank clear my lines and replase my plug wires plugs and cap and roter and i still might rebild my carb just so i will know that it is not a problem as well thank you all for the info you guys are awsome i love this form its the best place for info and help that ive found yet so once again thank you all you guys are awsome
  2. Is it possoble to to swap my 85 gl motor and tranny and rear end over to a newer ej set up with out to many major mods i would like to put a 2.5 turbo and all wheel drive tranny in this car can i squeez it in
  3. Yea thanks you guys and how hard is it to swap the carbs what am i going to need to find to swap them if you know a place with the info info that would be awsome
  4. So i can just block the port on the head and the air cleaner and be ok ... Also do you think that this could have cause my other problem of the car wanting to stall at 3000 rpms cause some chunk of plastic got into my carb ?
  5. No not the intake its just 2 hoses and a plastic silencer can and the metal reed that come off of the passengers side of the motor these are all part of the air suction system that conect it to the air cleaner i can include pictures in a few day to help aid identification of the parts im looking for
  6. When i drive my 85 gl and get the motor to about three thousand to four thousand rpms the motor starts to stall and there is a major loss of power it also happens when going up hill im not sure what the proble is my guess would be i need to rebuild my carb or mabe my timing belts but yet agen im not to sure if any one has any other ideas please share the knowledge THANKS TUMMYBUBBLE
  7. Im trying to find farts o my bad i mean parts for my 85 gl I need all the hoses and the slincer and reed for the air suction system on the left side of the motor if any one can help me find some where it get these parts it would be verry appreciated THANK YOU TUMMYBUBBLE
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