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    I am just a guy trying to fix his car. I try to do things my self when i can.
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    98 subaru forester
  1. Hello All, My 98 Forester with an automatic tranmsission has just recently decided to not start. I thought it might be the starter so I pulled it and took it to a shop and had it tested. It came back ok. I put the starter back in and the car started. The car will sometimes start and othertimes all that comes on are the dash lights. You can hear the fuel pump prime. I am thinking it is possibly the Neutral Safety switch or maybe the starter relay but I am not sure. The battery connections are clean and battery is charged. I am at the point where I would just like to swap out the neutral safety switch. I just don't know where it is located on the 98 subaru forester and that is why I am here today asking for your assistance. Can anyone tell me where it is located and how to get at it? Thanks Regards,