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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I'm having a really weird problem and having been able to pull up anything in my repair book, online or on the forum here. A lot of that has to do with not really sure how to word the searches. The temperature has started dropping and ever since it got below zero if the car has sat for a few hours while at work or over night when you go to start it (pressing the brake, turning the key) nothing happens, no crank, no start, nothing. If you let go of the brake and turn the key it starts up. Drive five minutes, turn off the car, go into a store or something and when you come back the car starts fine with pressing the brake. The other morning I tried not pressing the brake when starting the first time of the day and nothing happened. Tried with brake and nothing happened. Without brake, nothing. Moved the gear shifter through the gears a few times and nothing. This may have been a coincidence and may not have started if I did my usual first try with the brake. My wife tried a couple hours later in the morning and it started up fine. On occassion you have to use your foot to raise the brake to get it to start. About 1/3 to 1/2 of the times when it starts it kind of half dies before fully starting. I'm thinking it's the neutral safety switch but the brake thing and the starter being weird on occassion is throwing me off. As I said it only started once the temperature dropped. This has happened on a couple occassions since we bought the car three years ago, maybe once or twice in a winter but never constantly. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance for any help. If there's a previous topic I missed my apologies! Edit: It's a 2001 Legacy.
  2. I am having some trouble with my 1999 Subaru Impreza Outback Sport. I was out driving the other day, simple point-a to point-b, and when I arrived home I put my vehicle in park and turned the vehicle off. However, when I took my keys out of the ignition and took my foot off the brake, the vehicle began to roll forward. I quickly engaged the brake and the car stopped. I took my foot off the brake again and the car began to roll again. I then attempted to engage the brake and start my vehicle. No luck. The engine would not even turn over. Additionally the gear shifter is locked in the position that indicates the vehicle is in park. Even when I put the keys in the ignition and turn them as if I were starting the car the shifter will not move from the park position. So here is what I have tried. With the help of my owners manual I was able to take the panels off of my center console where my gear shifter is located, I was able to override the locking mechanism that was keeping my shifter in the park position, and move the shifter to neutral. I attempted to start the vehicle in neutral. No luck. I moved the gear shifter back into 2nd and then all the way forward to park. I did this a few times and then attempted to start the vehicle again in both park and neutral. No luck. From here I turned my attention to the internet in hopes that I would find a clear explanation on how to fix this issue myself. No luck there. I got some clues in a forum similar to this that the problem could be either my "neutral safety switch" or my "inhibitor switch." I saw a few posts debating whether or not an automatic transmission (AT) vehicle, such as mine, did or did not have a "neutral safety switch." At this point I called my father and he agreed to come over and offer any help that he could. Together we were able to locate what looks to be my vehicles "neutral safety switch" and from there we were able to manipulate this switch by pushing what look like shifter arms in a clockwise fashion and this allowed the vehicle to start up. However, even with the vehicle now on, the problem persisted. I was not able to move my gear shifter from the park position. I overrode the locking mechanism again and moved the gear shifter into reverse and then drive but this had no apparent effect on the vehicle. I would really like to find a solution to this issue and do the repairs myself. I appreciate any advice or comments that will help me find that solution. Thank you in advance.
  3. Alright i have a 95 legacy wagon i love the car but got a few problems my main one is while driving it loses all power then kick backs in sometimes it will die but firw back up my check engine light ia on and says neutral safety switch. So my question is could that be causing it to just shut off randomly? Has anyone else had a problem of your car dieing firing right nack up it doesnt have an exact point that it does idle it dies driving it dies grr im so irritated just typing about it
  4. 2002 H6 3.0 auto won't crank. For the last month when the car gets warm it would not start (just silence). Always started after sitting overnight. Now with the weather getting warm, after sitting for a day and a half its just silence apart from fuel pump and starter relay click, dash lights good. Tried a jump and still nothing. Narrowed it down to the inhibitor switch (in a MT this is called the neutral safety switch). Sits on the passenger side of the transmission and provides a short in P and N gear selections to allow the starter to crank. You can fool it into starting by shorting two pins together with a small paper clip. Connector is on top of the transmission just ahead of the firewall. T3/B12 pins 11-12. Looks like a new inhibitor switch is needed. Rear backup light also does not work and the dash gear shift position indicator lights are wonky. Problem is now my gear shift is locked I think because of my tinkering. I can unlock it by sticking a paper clip in the little hole to the right of the shifter...but what else is going on? I started the car with T3/B12 disconnected (despite a sudden electrical buzzing sound from underneath the car with the key in run position). Does the TCU get upset with B12 unmated and lock the shifter? How do I clear this? Reset the TCU/ECU or will it clear itself once the inhibitor switch is replaced and the car can start normally... code 852 is the neutral switch input circuit high
  5. Hello All, My 98 Forester with an automatic tranmsission has just recently decided to not start. I thought it might be the starter so I pulled it and took it to a shop and had it tested. It came back ok. I put the starter back in and the car started. The car will sometimes start and othertimes all that comes on are the dash lights. You can hear the fuel pump prime. I am thinking it is possibly the Neutral Safety switch or maybe the starter relay but I am not sure. The battery connections are clean and battery is charged. I am at the point where I would just like to swap out the neutral safety switch. I just don't know where it is located on the 98 subaru forester and that is why I am here today asking for your assistance. Can anyone tell me where it is located and how to get at it? Thanks Regards,
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