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  1. Thank you, this is all great information. It looks like my target will be an 88 GL with little options. SPFI. 5 speed manual. 4wd with d/r. Non turbo. No lift as it sounds like 13"s will be fine for cruising down the dirt roads in the high desert. When looking at cars I'll be sure to check the compression if I can (I'll have to look up how to do that) and I'll make sure the heat is working properly. That being said it sounds like I dont need to limit my car to this one exactly as it sounds like there are great options beyond this. If I cant find an 88 will I be able to find this setup on say and 86-89? any downside to any of those years? Just chose 88 from what Old Sub Freak had to say. Any other particular things I should look out for when taking cars out for test drives?
  2. Hello, I'm finnaly buying a car after being carless for years and I'm looking for advise on what to get, what to considerater, and what mods to look in to. I've been doing some research, mostly in these forums, and I'm thinking a 88 or 89 GL or Gl-10 wagon might be for me. This car will be a daily driver but also used for weekend and week long trips to the desert in eastern oregon and Idaho. I don't plan on any hardcore off-roading but I'd like to be able to go out into the country without worry. Specific questions are 88/89 GL a good choice or should I think about a newer Loyale? GL or GL-10? Largest wheel/tire size unlifted or go for a slight lift? Are the turbos reliable and worth it? Bare bones or all the options (are the options prone to breaking)? I'm sure there are plenty other considerations I should make that I don't know about. I'm very excited to become a Subaru owner as I've wanted one for years. Thanks for any advise!