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    I have owned 2 Subarus so far: A 1982 DL, which I used for over 6,000 miles bringing the total to 203,000. My newest Subaru is a 99 OBS, green and gold 5 speed. She has 219,500mi, and I hope to give her another 100,000 at least.
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    1982 DL, 1999 Impreza Outback Sport
  1. I'm hoping some of the many experienced Subie mechanics here will answer some questions I have about my '99 Outback Sport's engine. I have done some online searches, and some of the info I have found has been less than credible. Here are my questions: 1.) From what I gather, my car has the 2.2 L SOHC engine, 'Phase II,' for which '99 was the first year. a.) Is this engine a 'non-interference' design? I bought the car from a dealer with 218,500 mi. It seems to have been well maintained, and has records showing 'scheduled maintenance performed', but the records don't specify timing belt change. I asked the dealer about this, and he claimed the belt had been inspected and was good. However, I don't want to entrust my Subaru's life to a dealer's claim. b.) Are there any other common issues with this generation engine? I really want to get as many miles as possible out of this car, and the transmission may go before the engine (already has some problems with 2nd gear synchro), but I want to do everything I can to get to 300,000 +. Thank you in advance!
  2. Hi All, As you can see, this is my first post here. I just purchased my second Subaru, a green/ gold '99 OBS 5-speed with 219,500 miles on the clock now. In my first 1,000 miles, I am really enjoying the car and have had no problems yet. I put on a new set of tires, replaced a ball joint which had a rip in the boot, and adjusted the clutch pedal reach/ free play, which seems to have greatly improved a synchro problem downshifting into second. My Suby was salvaged after being totalled out by a minor front-end wreck (have all documentation, it wasn't bad at all). The exterior is a bit rough, some dents and faded clearcoat, but I don't care as long as I keep the rust away. The engine is clean, no drips from the cases, and the tech who replaced the ball joint and tires told me it looked to be in good shape overall. My question for other Impreza/ OBS owners of this generation, is what would you reccomend in terms of preventative maintenance other than oil changes, etc.? The car had one owner for most of its life, the owner who wrecked it had it for only a few K miles, and it looks like scheduled maintenance was performed. I would really love to put another 100,000 miles on this little car, I am already in love. Thanks in advance!