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  1. Nadanutcase

    Valve spring recall

    That's a darn good question. FWIW, I have about 42,000 miles on my 2015 Crosstrek and no such problem ... so far at least. Is there any known production date range that's affected by this?
  2. Nadanutcase

    Looking for a service manual

    Hello to all - haven't been here for quite a while. I've had my XV Cross trek for a bit over 3 years now (2.0, 5 speed MT) So far so good I really like it & am pleased with its performance for the most part. I try to do all the maintenance I can and back when I bought it I asked here about getting a service manual. Plus it's about an hour drive to the nearest dealer. As I recall I could buy one section at a time as a (kinda pricey) download and I think that sucks. Having gone over the 30,000 mile mark there some things called for in the schedule schedule beyond just oil & filter like checking the trani lube. So I thought I'd check in again and see if someone can point me to a source for a real, full service manual. Thanks in advance for any help.
  3. Nadanutcase

    0W-20 Full Synthetic question

    I also don't want to get embroiled in a 'which oil is the best' dialog. That said here's my perspective and one interesting thing I've just observed. I bought a new Crosstrek early this year, wanted to get started right and keep on top of the maintenance schedule. I've been a life-long fan of Castrol and used it in just about every vehicle I've owned going back almost 50 years now (my where DOES the time go???). A FWIW aside: As a hobby I maintain a couple vintage Volvo's and Irv Gordon who's logged a documented 3 million miles on a 1966 Volvo with only one major engine overhaul by strictly sticking to the factory maintenance schedule exclusively uses Castrol GTX. A regular oil not a synthetic but I think that's an interesting data point. So I stocked up on Castrol synthetic. But my dealer also offered to do the first oil change for free. So at just under 5000 miles I took the Crosstrek to them. At that point it had settled into giving me average mileage (according to the built in display) in the range of 30.5 - 31 MPG. I happen to know that the dealer uses oil from the Northland company, a bulk vendor as do many dealers and shops in the Midwest. Since then the displayed mileage has dropped a bit to around 29.5 MPG. While that doesn't present you with a definitive answer I think it's interesting. Personally I'm going with Castrol.
  4. Nadanutcase

    Looking into the Crosstrek

    For another comparison point, I bought a Standard model ( 2 liter, 5 speed, non-hybrid) this February as a retirement car. I live in Iowa and out in the country about 1/3 mile off a highway on a private lane so AWD for snow etc. was a consideration in my choice. So far I really like it. The only thing I wish I could change is the black interior because it shows every speck of dirt (wasn't an option with a manual transmission for some reason). I also really don't care for the touch screen entertainment (and more) systems that seem to be unavoidable in just about any new car. So I appreciate that controls for ventilation, heat and A/C in the Subaru do not depend on a touch screen interface. I use to commute 60 miles one way prior to retirement and when I've taken the Crosstrek on highway trips, I've found it to be comparatively comfortable and I get 30 - 31 MPG) under real (pushing the speed limit) conditions. I also took my time and looked at a range of options and figured that since Subaru has been using AWD and their pancake engine design for several years now they're more likely to have it sorted out better than most and their reported frequency of repairs seems to bear that out. FWIW it seems that Jeep has had some real issues in that area in recent years. In general, across the range of all manufacturers the highest rates of failure / complaints in new cars are with the electronic controls and the bazillion speed automatics many are using instead of a CVT to get better mileage. In fact the service guys, some of whom I happen to know personally, told me that if I was going to have a problem with a new Subaru it would most likely be with the electronics [i am not a luddite, BTW when it comes to this stuff, I'm a retired EE] So the most basic electronic interface combined with a manual transmission was what I decided on. Finally, living in Maine I bet you already know this, but real, full time AWD is much better than 4WD under road conditions where you might encounter dryer patches of pavement. Good luck, happy shopping and happy holidays.
  5. Nadanutcase

    2015 Crosstrek seat belt warning chime

    Thanks... As a follow up reply to my own post, yesterday I took it to the dealer for it's first oil change (a 'freebie') and discussed this with their service guys. They told me that they don't even have access to that setting in the U.S. models. I wondered out loud how Subaru deals with people who have a medical exemption and cannot use a seat belt. The salesman who'd sold me the car was standing nearby and heard the exchange. Then he GAVE me a free (used but free) seat belt extender. It DOES turn out that the firmware in the car isn't 'smart' enough to figure out that a seat belt in but seat not occupied = alarm. So you can leave the extender plugged in full time and use the seat belt with that. A couple more things for anyone who wants to use this work around. #1 It turns out that the extenders used by Ford will work and Ford GIVES them to any customer who asks for one #2 I found, on Ebay, a "mini-extender" for Subarus that is a short, rigid assembly that could be used for this avoiding having the short belt of a standard extender in the way, flopping around as you get in and out of the car. SO - problem solved with a relatively simple work-around. Dave P
  6. Nadanutcase

    2015 Crosstrek seat belt warning chime

    Thanks.... yes, if nothing else I figure I can keep 'dummy' buckle handy. Since I DO use my belts whenever I'm actually going somewhere I don't want to jerry-rig it. Another possibility is to make or buy a seat belt extension and just leave it attached all of the time,
  7. Let me preface my post by saying that I always use my seat belt when I'm going somewhere; I just automatically put it on. That said, I bought a new Crosstrek early this year, so far so good, I like it though I've not used it all that much. Just getting to where it needs the first oil change (free from the dealer). There is one thing I'd like them to change, but I'm told that they cannot (legally). We live at the very end of a private lane that's a bit over 1/3 mile long and our mail box is out by the highway. Because of how it's mounted I really cannot reach the mail without getting out of the car. After I do that I find it a major PITA to refasten my seat belt, but, of course, if I don't I get to hear that obnoxious warning chime. I know this can be shut off. From reading the manual it appears that in the ones sold outside of the U.S. this setting is accessible via the touch screen. Both the dealer and an independent shop I trust tells me it's illegal for them to change it. I have a couple interrelated questions about this: 1) Does anyone know if, regardless of the legalities, the scanners available to either the dealers or the after market repair shops provides access to this setting? 2) Can anyone point me to some sort of hack sight that has a means of a DIY project to get into this level of the configuration? Thanks in advance. DAve P
  8. Nadanutcase

    Hybrid Extreme Tire Wear

    Interesting, my non-hybrid 2015 only has about 1500 miles on it at this point. So far so good, but your post has me wondering which brand of tires yours came with. From the literature I got with mine it seems that they may be any of three brands.
  9. I agree about the analogy to religion, I've seen (and mostly stayed out of) some virtual shouting matches elsewhere on that subject. Castrol dose offer full synthetics, but, as you say, I need to do a little research. What's taken me a longer time to get use to is the shift to very light weight oils used in a lot of newer cars like my wife's Ford Focus and this one. I use them because that's what the OEM says to use and I have to figure there's a good reason, but my 45 or so years of experience as an amateur mechanic still makes me winch as I pour what looks a lot like sewing machine oil into an engine. My intent in mentioning this last thing is not to switch the conversation here to either oil or Volvo's but, if you have never heard of him, as automobile fans anyone here may be interested to learn of a guy by the name of Irv Gordon. I've met Irv on three occasions at Volvo meets. He's the real deal, a very nice guy and his record is backed by the Guinness Book. The engine in his '66 Volvo has been gone through only twice in 3 million miles (around 770,000 and again at around 2.2 million). He's achieved this record by simply sticking religiously to the factory maintenance schedule (and that work was always done at a dealership so it was documented). When asked, Irv will tell you that he uses Castrol. So I take that to be pretty good testimony in real-world driving. http://www.autoblog.com/2013/09/18/irv-gordons-volvo-p1800-has-hit-3-million-miles/
  10. I wondered about whether or not manuals would be more available in a few years. There are some really good support sites that have those for free for the vintage ('70 & '71) Volvo's I have as hobby cars & figured there'd be something comparable for Subaru. The dealership I'm buying from gives you the first 5000 mile oil change free, and says they'll warranty the power train "for life" if I take it there for all scheduled maintenance, I'm not likely to do that but what I think I will do when I take it back for that free service is to ask about a manual then just to see what they say. Plus I want to chat with their service guys about oil. I know, I know - that's always a subject of discussion on ANY forum; I've been a life-long believer in Castrol oil, but I'm willing to listen. I really do appreciate the tone & demeanor of this board so far in the few exchanges I've had here. In may ways this group seems to have the same kind of supportive mind-set as the Volvo support groups I participate in. I'm looking forward to being a part of it and, hopefully, I'll be able to contribute something over the years. Thanks to all. Dave in Iowa
  11. Thank you for that useful bit of information. I found it but didn't commit any money just yet. It looks like I'd have to view / download one manual section at a time rather than the whole manual. Is that correct?? Please, anyone who's used this service, feel free to chime in. Dave
  12. I joined this forum last year as I was approaching retirement and thinking about buying a newer used or new Subaru. This will be my first ever Subaru. I've long done all of the servicing I can on my cars (have a pretty good hobby garage with a lift and maintain a couple vintage Volvo 1800's as one of my hobbies). So I came here looking for some feedback on what to look for in a used one and got some great & helpful replies to aid in my search and consideration. To cut to the chase, I'm now retired and after thinking about it for quite a while, I pulled the trigger yesterday and ordered a new 2015 CrossTrek premium 2.0 with a 5 speed to arrive in about a month. Obviously it'll go back to the dealer for its initial servicing and any warranty issues, but I always think long-term, so I thought I'd ask where people turn for service manuals for your cars to maintain them long term? I am willing to pay for a good, factory / dealer quality manual if they can be had, but barring that, what resources are there out there?? Dave in Iowa
  13. Nadanutcase

    15 Crosstrek

    I'm curious as to what version you test drove CVT or manual and which engine option? I just ordered a new one (2.0 and 5 speed) yesterday.
  14. Many thanks to those who've already replied.... (some good advice re: head gaskets, already, and I have a good machine shop I work with for my hobby cars). At this point, I have a willing buyer for my business who's looking into financing (I don't believe he'll have a lot of trouble) so, during some slack time at the shop, I decided to post here and get started with some contacts. After all is said in done (month, six-weeks ??) I'm going to start looking around (Ebay, Craig's list - and yeah I'm familiar with the cautions associated with that one, and so on) and when I find a candidate car(s) I'll be back to see if there are any model year specific things to look for. In the mean-time, I do have one more general question. Overall I (very much) prefer standard transmissions over automatics, but it's worth asking about the CVT I see Subaru has out. The rest of the car and the overall deal would have to be attractive for me to consider it, but if I DO happen on one with the CVT, what can any of you share with me regarding their performance? BTW - in a past life, before starting my current company, I was a certified reliability engineer (Industrial process control systems) and one of the things that attracts to the Subaru (and Volvo before they became too expensive for mere mortals to afford) is their reliability. Dave
  15. Hello everyone, An older engineer here (EE) on a short glide path to retirement (as soon as I wrap up selling my small business). And in conjunction with that I'm planning to retire the last of my little beater / commuter cars (Geo Metro) and look for about a 4 - 5 year old Forester or Outback. I don't buy new cars and prefer to do my own wrench work to the extent possible. I have two older Volvos as hobby cars ('70 and '71 1800E) and enough background over the last 50 or so years to take on all maintenance and many overhaul tasks. Over the years I've learned that there are always things to look for when buying any make & model year (known weaknesses or general trouble spots) and since I'll be looking to buy privately, I figured I'd get on a forum like this to 'pick the brains' of those who have experience and can offer tips on what to look for. My first question, after taking only a quick look at this message board, is this, the later model Forester / Outback etc. topic list, the best place to post such generic questions or is there a better place? Dave in Iowa