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    Retired farmer. I've had 4 Brats in my life time and I ran them rough, and into the ground. After I retired, I bought my 4th via Ebay and it's a real beauty!
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    1985 Subaru Brat
  1. Brattyferret

    Just joined! 2.6.2018

    Welcome aboard! This is my Subaru Ferret, the only Subaru Ferret in the world! Ferret would have been an apt name for the BRAT. I had a ferret and that little critter would get into the tightest places! This is my 4th...ran the previous 3 into the ground on my farm, hauling workers and equipment all over. It wasn't a work horse like a Toyota F-150...it was more like a work lama. When I drive it around, it turns heads! Took it over to Subaru for servicing, and it never fails...their employees come out to oogle it! Hawaii would be a great place for a Brat. When I need parts, the members here are always glad to help out.
  2. I've had 4 BRATS in my life, and I ran 3 of them into the ground in my 30 years as a farmer. I didn't need a large pickup, I need a "mountain goat" which was easy to handle, carry light loads, and transport a couple of field hands in the back seat. Consider a horse and a lama. My BRAT was my lama. It could go where a horse couldn't. So when I retired, I searched and searched and found my "keeper" on eBay! The guy was restoring it, did a fine job, then decided to sell it when he had money problems. He sure hated to part with it. I got it on eBay, and had it trucked out to Southern Cal from Colorado. I had it repainted and I had a custom-made decal made for it. Instead of the traditional BRAT decal, I had FERRET. I used to have a ferret! That ferret would go into the tightest places! Subaru should have named this mini-truck the FERRET! So I have the only Subaru FERRET in the whole world! But like some of you, I have NO mechanical skills. When I had vibration problems, I took it to a Subaru dealer in Huntington Beach. Two guys came out from the service department just to salivate over my car! They had seen photos of BRATs but had never actually seen one. The service guy told me, "That's a vintage car. Let me ask the mechanics if they could handle it." He came back and said, "We have a young mechanical staff. You better take it over to Timmons in Long Beach; they have master mechanics. So I drove my FERRET over there. A bunch of guys came over to oogle my car and one asked if I wanted to sell it. As it turned out, one of the service guys said, "The vibrations...it's probably due to its age." I asked them if they could replace my headlight and they told me to go to the parts department. When I asked about a replacement headlight, the guy said, "Sorry, they don't make headlights for them anymore! Odd. You could get them on Amazon.com! WTF. I left. (I ordered a headlight from Amazon and got it in 3 days). So I turned to RAFFI MOTOTRS in Hawthorne (near LAX). I had taken it there for the first time about 7 years ago, but it was kinda far and I thoughtI could get it fixed locally. Nope. It's a vintage vehicle. I needed a BRAT mechanic. When I say far, I mean 30 miles. Check out RAFFI MOTORS on Yelp.com. 46 reviews, all 5-stars! Chris Hagopian, owner, has been in the Subaru fixing business since 1970. He used to own a Subaru dealership and he also worked on BRATS. That's his love...BRATs!! When I brought my car in again, he was in love!!! He spent some time, going over everything. He sure was nostalgic. He rattled off parts numbers off the top of his head. He told me every little details about the BRAT. Well, Chris fixed my car, readjusted the headlights I put in (did a real Mickey Mouse job and was misaligned), and gave me a good price. Some mechanics fix cars for a living. But Chris is a real craftsman, very proud of his ability to make BRATS run as good as new! He has the perfect background: he sold Subaru BRATs and fixed them. He can get parts for them.
  3. Brattyferret

    Pink Brat

    Where are the Hello Kitty decals?!!! Fabulous BRAT!!!!!
  4. Brattyferret


    Thanks, gunner, I will check them out. They have some negative reviews.
  5. I just paid $3.99 to get on their search list right now, and within minutes, I received a computer generated lead saying for me to contact them. I should have checked them out BEFORE signing on. Have any of you had any experience using them to find parts for your Subaru Brat? They claim that they send out searches of a lot of junk yards across the nation, and if they find what I am looking for, I will be contacted. I just get a bad feeling that they just took my money and all I will get is SPAM. Thanks.
  6. Hello everyone! I stumbled upon this site, read many of the posts, and found it fascinating! I am Subaru BRAT veteran because I've had 4 in my lifetime. I was in agriculture and bought my BRAT in 1982. The work was so rough, I ran 3 of them into the ground. When I retired, I decided to get myself a keeper. I went on ebay (!!) and found a nice one in Colorado in 2004. The owner had restored it, then decided to sell it. Lucky me! I paid $4650, spent another $585 having it shipped out here to Los Angeles by carrier transport. Then I had it repainted because I didn't like the colors, and had a decal company make me a new decal. Years ago, I owned a ferret. My pet was energetic, got into everything, was fun to play with, etc. Well, my BRAT reminded me of my ferret. So I decided to get a decal that said FERRET. Now, I have the only Subaru Ferret in the world! It's an apt name! When I take it to a Subaru dealer, it draws a crowd. When was the last time you have seen a nice BRAT on the road? I just get really excited to see a pristine BRAT! Since it doesn't have air bags, I don't take it out that often...maybe once every two months. For a couple of years after I bought it, it ran sluggish and I could never figure out why. Then I took it to an old Subaru mechanic...he used to sell BRATS at his dealership and he knew them inside and out! He gave me a tuneup, then told me that it has 2 fuel filters. They were both full of water! After he changed them, it ran like a charm!