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  1. wsjones

    Aisin TKF-003

    <20180728_115925.jpg> Timing Belt, Water Pump & Component Kit. Brand new (fits Imperza Outback thru 1/97, mine is 2/97). Georgia. I will ship. $200.001.eml
  2. Are you sure that it's a spark problem and not a fuel problem? Try pouring a little fuel into the throttle body and see if it runs on all 4. Good luck.
  3. Latest update: I supplied the fuel relay control circuit with a hard ground. The pump works fine, however, it continues to pump as long as key is on 'run' even if the engine is not running. I checked all the pins to the ECU and could not find one that had continuity to the ground side of the fuel relay control circuit. I have to assume that my ECU is most likely the problem. I saw online that AES Modules , Jacksonville FL, offers to rebuild ECUs and gives a lifetime warranty. For Subarus the quote between $200-$300. Is anybody familiar with this company?
  4. How does the ECU sense the ignition pulses that control the rule pump relay? Is it through the crankshaft sensor or by some other route?
  5. yes does work with good ground. Someone suggested that it might be the crank shaft sensor. Haven't had time to check that one out yet. Do you know how to tell a good crankshaft sensor?
  6. I have a good fuel pump relay and fuel pump with good circuit in between. The ground side of the fuel pump relay control circuit (violet wire) goes into the MPFI control unit. Key 'on', the positive side of the relay control circuit reads 12.5 v; the negative side reads 11.5 v. Therefore, my relay is not closing. Does anybody know why it's not giving me a good ground? What might hold it open? I am assuming that is how the MPFI controls the pressure put out by the pump. I possibly had a pack-rat chew wires in the engine compartment but cannot find any damaged wires there.