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  1. So I flushed the trans and added limited slip additive to it. no more bind! Perhaps it wasnt very bad to begin with...not sure but its driving great now. A question about the fwd switch....This is something I would be interested in doing....kinda for fun but also to see if it would save gas! Got a link to the mod?
  2. All 4 tires are new when I picked it up. Not sure if anything was swapped but highly doubtful since previous owners had it for 10+ years and never mentioned it (they are very trustworthy so I feel like they would remember that). I actually did the trans drain and fill and added limited slip additive to it and it completely went away after 20 or so miles!!!
  3. Welp. I put it in neutral and coasted lock to lock with the wheels and it was smooth as butter. Looks like I may have the torque bind. What are my options now? can I keep driving it like this?
  4. This is exactly the piece I was thinking of thanks!! I am going to check this early next week after work one night! Great diagram I thank you.
  5. oh this is a great idea. Never thought about coasting in neutral and turning the wheel all the way to experience it. Thanks
  6. Thanks, outback and legacy are both 2005 , both auto 4 spd, and both 2.5i so I just assumed they were the same trans. That is great advice, thank you. I have tried all movements you have described. it definitely feels more steering related rather than being held back. no noises (at least relating to this that I can tell). It does have a noise going over bumps which I think could also be strut related (maybe the top hats) but Ill get to that after the steering issue. The issue only happens at just shy of full lock and clears up soon after on each side. I diddnt actually take off the cv boots to inspect them off the vehicle (turning in all directions and all angles to check for binding). I guess I will do that as well once I pull the struts next week to inspect the assembly (Car had strut work done before I bought it).
  7. Yes but would this affect both sides? It has new struts, noticed this after purchase. I would hope they diddnt put them back together with bad bearing(s) but I guess anythings possible .
  8. I may replace both with an extra set I have...I have a few that I need to re-boot. either that or i'm thinking power steering causing the bind some how...
  9. I thought more about this. I cant seem to distinguish it though....I tried to lube up the steering column real well and it didn't change a thing. The more I drive it and try to diagnose......Im wondering if a bent tie rod would cause it? It seems to bring the idle down when it catches...I am wondering if it is an issue with the power steering rack...
  10. Problem isn't side dependent. It also doesn't seem to change wether the car is warmed up or not. Definitely has me scratching my head!
  11. Checked the steering universal joint and all is well.
  12. This 100%. My 2005 outback has 120k miles on the clock. Purchased with 97k miles 3 years ago it has been reliable and trouble free aside from general maintenance. The head gaskets are seeping ever so slightly but no oil ever makes it to the ground and it doesn't burn a drop (that I can notice) My 2005 legacy has 170k on the clock. Purchased a few weeks ago and the underside of the engine looks the same as my outback hahaha. I haven't had it long enough to monitor the leak yet but it seems to be doing ok as well. I may do the head gaskets on one and not the other and just see how long it goes with constant monitoring but monitoring seems to be the key. As long as the engine has the oil it needs to lubricate itself it will just keep going (along with fuel compression and spark)...
  13. Wow this is some really great info so far thanks all. I will get all this checked out
  14. This is a good point. I wasnt actually able to distinguish but I will try that this evening. Thank you
  15. Thanks Tom, It isnt making noise but Ill have a look to see if one has run dry. I have been under the car once (recent purchase) but diddnt notice any grease spun out of either side. Ill have a second look. If not I guess I will have to remove them one by one and visually inspect.