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    First time Suburu owner, bought a new Forester and have not been able to get it fixed because dealer apparently cannot replicate the popping-out-of first-gear-problem.
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  1. Eventually... The Service Manager at the dealer agreed to ride with me while I tried to reproduce the problem (shifter popping out of first gear). He brought his top mechanic. We tried for over a hour, gently decelerating in first gear at around 12 to 1500 rpm but could not make the problem happen. Maybe the problem was temperature related, maybe the weight in the car was critical. However, at this point the mechanic and the manager knew exactly how to make it happen. I requested that the mechanic take the car home with him for the next week and drive it to work. He did and the shifter finally popped out of gear for him. He reported this news to the service manager. The service manager contacted the Suburu USA (or was it Suburu North America). Suburu then called me and asked what I wanted to happen. Remember, this is a new Suburu, and our first Suburu. I asked them to replace the transimssion. They did. The shifter no longer pops out of gear. The dealer had our new car for months but on the bright side they provided us with a loaner. The dealer made two attempts to repair the problem previous to replacing the tranny. This is apparently one of those problems that the local dealer cannot fix by adjustment or replacing just a single piece of the tranny. We never heard exactly what caused this shifter to pop out of gear.
  2. There is a good YouTube video of a WRX with exactly the same issue. and another one that is poorer quality
  3. Thanks for responding. If you are asking if I come to a complete stop before shifting into first, no. At very low speeds I shift into first while rolling but give the synchronizer time to seed up. If, for some reason, I decide to put it in first at a higher speed (10-15mph) I rev match (let out the clutch in neutral, rev the engine a little, push in the clutch and move the shifter to first). In either case, the shifter slides into first easily, without force or fuss. We've been driving standard, between me and my wife, for a combined 92 years and haven't run into this before, except on a '46 Willy's that popped out of second every time you went down a hill in second, engine braking. It takes very little change in speed to make it happen - like maybe 1 or 2 mph, always happens when decelerating or holding the car back with the engine, always at low RPMs and low speed.
  4. New Forester, 2015, bought in July of 2015 has the problem of popping out of first gear into neutral when decelerating on a slight downhill grade in first gear at low r.p.m.s (between 1000 and 2000 r.p.m.) It happened to my wife and me both, and happens about once every week or so. The problem is slowly increasing in frequency. The service department at our dealer has had the car since Thanksgiving and it is now Jan. 4th. They say they cannot replicate the problem. Has anybody run into this problem on a late model manual transmission Forester?