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  1. From what I've notice is that the fuel pump doesn't seem to be getting any power at the red/black wire at the connector. Could this just be a bad relay? Or could it be some wiring somewhere else.
  2. I'm pretty sure I have it narrowed down to the fuel pump as it was having problems starting to begin with, the car turns over just fine its just not getting fuel. But I know the pump works as I have pulled it out already and tested it. I have tried connecting those two green wires and the fuel pump still doesn't start. I'm beginning to believe that its something with the wires as its not getting any power at the black/red wire on the 6 pin connector the others seem to be working properly. I've tried to find a wiring diagram of a 98 but haven't had any luck and all the other diagrams don't seem to be matching up with what I'm looking at.
  3. Hey, so I've tried searching all around to fix my current issue with my fuel pump not running. The engine cranks over but its not getting any fuel due to the fuel pump not starting. I've pulled the fuel pump out and tested that it's working. Checked the relay and I am pretty sure that its working, it is clicking but still not getting any power to the black/red wire. I was getting power to it for a bit but not exactly sure as I only have a test light that got bright and slowly dimmed out. Could it possibly be just a bad relay that is causing it to not get power or is it shorting out somewhere. I've been wanting to pull out the blower relay to test it with that one but getting to that is a pain and how the weather has been the past couple of days I haven't gotten to it. Also have checked the fuses and those are fine. At this point I'm thinking about just wiring the fuel pump to the battery. Any help with what could be causing this or ideas would be very much appreciated.