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    I used to read alot when I owned my last 86 Brat. My town made me get rid of it due to town ordinance. It had rusted down.
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  1. Tried to find this online, no contact info?
  2. skiahfrazier

    Mismatched Transmission and rear diff

    Thanks! I purchased the Brat with this done. I was not aware of the mismatch possibility until I did some reading. I have no way of knowing what year the EJ parts (engine and transmission) came from. But I can guess early, as there is not an OBDII plug anywhere. It does roll down my slightly sloped driveway with the clutch pushed in. i don't know if that means anything. Work is keeping me away from hoe a lot lately, do I don't have much time to check on things right now. But plenty of time to ask questions and brainstorm. Thanks again for the information.
  3. Hello folks. I have an EA swapped brat. They used the AWD transmission from the donor car. I am guessing it is the 4.1 : 1 ratio. How would I be sure? Are there identify numbers anywhere? I have the stock 3.9 Brat rear diff. And now the is some noise coming from the drive train when driving. Not when sitting. How reliable is the Brat rear differential when used full time? Should I be scouting for an early legacy differential? If I swapped to a legacy diff, does it require a special driveshaft? Thank you for your assistance. Kind regards
  4. skiahfrazier

    Questions, EJ22 Brat

    Thank you Again Loyale 2.7 turbo. I will have another look for the splice. And the issues you mention, would they cause the actual idle to change in rpm? My tachometer does not work. I hear the rpm changing with the flasher at stop lights. Kind Regards
  5. Hello All, I purchased a Brat with the EJ22 already swapped. (Lucky me!). However, there are a few things I have discovered that I have questions. The guages (water temp and voltage) are intermittently working, sometimes on at start then shutoff, sometimes not on at all. Thank you Loyale 2.7 turbo for the advice but I can't find the splice for the gauges. Also, when the turn signal is on (either direction), the idle jumps with the flasher??? Finally, what size exhaust is recommended for this combo? Right now the bulk of the exhaust is 1.75". Seems like that would choke the engine some. This Brat was brought up from Florida in 2004 from the previous owner. It had a lift kit and Peugeot rims if anyone knows who did the swap, I would like to talk with them. Thank you all!
  6. Hello Folks, I have had a very lucky find that I was able to purchase. It is a 1986 Brat with the EJ22 already swapped in. This car was purchased by the previous owner from someone in Florida. It had a lift kit and Peugot rims. It has a 5 speed all wheel drive transmission, how do i tell which transmission this is? There does not appear to be any custom driveshafts, is this possible? Also the guages work sporadically, Voltage and Temp drop to zero randomly. I am guessing there may be a bad ground somewhere. Anyone have experience with that? These are the only problems i have found so far, the car did pass inspection and I am enjoying driving it for short trips, loads of fun. Thanks
  7. Morning Folks, I am picking up my new to me 86 Brat this weekend. It is very close to being road ready. However, I do need a tail light lens for the passenger side to pass inspection. I have seen a topic here that someone mentioned a place to get a new one. Can anyone help? Thanks. I can't wait to drive the new Brat! Sam