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    Im 26 year old car enthusiast i am trying to get a subaru brumby back on the road and need help with wiring to ignition. Also have a wrx im looking to reshell. Would like to get an old rs liberty wagon
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    1989 targa top brumby ea82t conversion

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  1. Hey Bindiesel, I see you are in Rosebank NSW, is that near Lismore, if so I may be able to help you out.

  2. Did this ever happen I have this setup in my car and need help getting it to run. Cheers
  3. Hi guys really need some help with this one. I have a 91 targa brumby with and ea81 that's had ea82 spfi and turbo setup put on it. I had it running but so was braking down spark at 3000rpm so I sent the distributor away to be rebuilt and it got lost in a flood. I've since found a replacement but can't get the car to run. It's acting like the firing order is out. Won't start back firing etc. Can anyone help me with a wiring diagram or firing order and distributor degrees etc or has anyone done the same thing?? Any help would be awesome.
  4. Hi there new to the forum and fairly new to subarus... I have recently bought an 1989 brat/brumby that has previously had an ea82t engine conversion from a leone. The wiring loom is an absolute mess. I am wondering if someone can send me a photo of the wiring to the coil and to distributor. A wiring diagram would be even for helpful i have searched and been unable to find one. Mine is a 4 pin round distributor plug, i Cheers for the help