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    Hi 17 I have a 78 Subaru brat which Im trying to make into a full race truck. I do paint and body work at school I want to eventually start a YouTube channel but I want to build a interesting car to start it with
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  1. Okay so I have quite a few spare ea71s for my 78 sema brat project and someone used the oil pan as a jack point and then only changed the oil pan and if that wasn’t bad enough the oil pick up tube got bent and someone tried to pry it out with a screwdriver and I tried to gently get it out and it’s starting to tear at the insert point it’s about halfway out but I’m afraid it might be beyond saving so my questions are do I separate the tube from the insert then try to pull the insert out separately and tig weld it back together later? and does anyone have a spare? thanks for the help in advance
  2. YaBoyKingsley

    Rotary Powered BRAT?

    I actually have a lot of experience with a rotary and a buddy of mine just got a brat with a 13b rotary mounted and is working on the transadaptor but might change the transmission and rotarys are not terrible engines but you need to drive them or they go bad similar to a Porsche anyways best of luck to the project but I’m afraid my friend is one step ahead of you
  3. YaBoyKingsley

    Rwd swap a brat

    Thanks well I’ll play it safe
  4. YaBoyKingsley

    Rwd swap a brat

    Well I got a spare transmission and what if I where to strengthen the diff’s gears and make nice on all the seals do you think it would last any longer or should I play it safe
  5. YaBoyKingsley

    Rwd swap a brat

    How do you know
  6. If I take the front axles out of my brat (properly I won’t just pull them I know they hold the hubs in place) and if I put it in 4wd drive then would I have a rwd brat and would I be able to do donuts but more importantly would it be safe I’m trying to get this brat(1978) to sema 2019 all help would be appreciated if that wont work has anyone mates a rwd drive trani to a ea81(that’s whats going into it the ea71 is getting sold)
  7. Hey guys I had a few questions for the brat I’m having custom axles made and getting some classic jam rims but before I get the same size all around I was wondering what the limitations are for the brat (78-81) 4wd was my main question is why is it limited to 50mph because I was told depending one what the limitations where I could have a shop do some changes and get it to where it’s basically awd if not I still need to know because my boss(he does Porsche’s which are very different but he knows his motorsports and performance things) said if I wanted a rwd brat I could disconnect the front axles and leave it in rwd I plan on having this at sema in 2019 and have everything lined up thanks for the help in advance
  8. I was wondering if anyone knows what kinda carb I would need to get a turbo on I know I would need a blow through and I was wondering if anyone had experience (good or bad idea) thanks
  9. Anyone know how to lower a first gen brat I’m not looking to slam it but before I dish money on custom bags and coilovers and ideas or previous ways someone has low red that body style thanks in advance
  10. YaBoyKingsley

    Transaxle swap

    Would this drop in basically or would I need to change axles and other things
  11. YaBoyKingsley

    Transaxle swap

    I have a brat with a ea81 and I’m looking to make it awd if possible anyone know what transaxle I should look for Thanks and have a nice day
  12. YaBoyKingsley


    Hey guys I’m looking of putting a better transaxle in my brat I have a ea81 and would prefer something that could use the same axles driveshaft and everything I would prefer Awd and a Manuel what would you guys recommend I look for thanks for the help in advance and have a nice day
  13. YaBoyKingsley

    Brakes on a brat

    Yeah I found a way to convert the lug pattern pretty cheaply but know I just have to find 15” rims
  14. YaBoyKingsley

    Brakes on a brat

    Hey guys I was having trouble finding the parts needed to convert a brat to 4 wheel disc and I’m looking to overhaul the entire brake system with a different lug pattern I’m looking for discs that will fit in 15” rims and preferably a more common lug pattern thanks guys sorry to have to ask twice
  15. YaBoyKingsley

    All wheel disc conversion

    Thanks for helping me with a lot of my questions I’ll be taking this route if I can