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    Hi 17 I have a 78 Subaru brat which Im trying to make into a full race truck. I do paint and body work at school I want to eventually start a YouTube channel but I want to build a interesting car to start it with
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  1. YaBoyKingsley

    Transaxle swap

    Would this drop in basically or would I need to change axles and other things
  2. YaBoyKingsley

    Transaxle swap

    I have a brat with a ea81 and I’m looking to make it awd if possible anyone know what transaxle I should look for Thanks and have a nice day
  3. YaBoyKingsley


    Hey guys I’m looking of putting a better transaxle in my brat I have a ea81 and would prefer something that could use the same axles driveshaft and everything I would prefer Awd and a Manuel what would you guys recommend I look for thanks for the help in advance and have a nice day
  4. YaBoyKingsley

    Brakes on a brat

    Yeah I found a way to convert the lug pattern pretty cheaply but know I just have to find 15” rims
  5. YaBoyKingsley

    Brakes on a brat

    Hey guys I was having trouble finding the parts needed to convert a brat to 4 wheel disc and I’m looking to overhaul the entire brake system with a different lug pattern I’m looking for discs that will fit in 15” rims and preferably a more common lug pattern thanks guys sorry to have to ask twice
  6. YaBoyKingsley

    All wheel disc conversion

    Thanks for helping me with a lot of my questions I’ll be taking this route if I can
  7. YaBoyKingsley

    All wheel disc conversion

    What models has ea82s in them so I can get the parts of off one
  8. Hey guys I was wondering if I could convert my 78 Subaru Brat to all wheel disc to stop better and if I can get drilled and slotted discs that’s a bonus and some decent calipers I’m putting 15” rims so as long as they fit inside I’m cool with it thanks for your help
  9. YaBoyKingsley

    Ea81 build

    Swapping a ej isn’t possible for me
  10. YaBoyKingsley

    Ea81 build

    Hey guys I am building a ea81 and was told to use ea82 SPFI pistons while other people are telling me to use ea71 pistons and I was told to get a torque grind cam and a get a ea82 intake i wanted to know Where and which pistons to use If the intake will work with my block and hitachi carb If the cam is a good idea And will I need any machine work for the heads/block to use all this stuff thank you guys Sorry If I seem clueless I’m only 18 and have a brat for a project
  11. YaBoyKingsley

    Ea81 increase in power

    Do you know we’re i can get those pistons and crankshaft
  12. YaBoyKingsley

    Ea81 increase in power

    Could you link your sources or the forum this is from so I can check it out
  13. Hey guys I’m building a brat with a ea81 (150k on it) and wanted some extra ponies in case of an emergency I’m going to polish the intake and open the exhaust a little are there any ways to get a significant boost without turboing and making it a fuel injection thanks in advance
  14. YaBoyKingsley

    Ea81 50 shot safe?

    thanks guys not going to run nitrous
  15. Hi guys I have a ea81 and I want to run a 50 shot of nitrous don’t know a lot about nitrous yet but want to know if it would be safe before I invest a bunch of time the engine has 150k miles on it and I plan on driving it home afterwards thanks for the reply’s in advanced