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  1. Bigcountry

    89 Loyale GL Cheap fuel Pump

    He said he was able to get it to run with starting fluid but couldn't get it to stay running... If you read up you'll see i diagnosed and replaced the pump (and a relay cause i started there.) My next step will be to go through the ignition electrical... plugs, wires, cap, rotor, coil etc and check their condition. Then ill pull the fuel relay and check timing. Will also scope out the Exhaust manifold and gaskets for condition and to see if they are even hooked up... lol.
  2. Bigcountry

    89 Loyale GL Cheap fuel Pump

    After i put the fire out I quit for the night... But you make a very valid point there. Ill check first chance I get. Previous owner (My neighbor) Said that before he parked it he did the head gaskets. I haven't dug into the motor at all but I can see fresh intake gaskets and some newer parts under the hood... So maybe I should investigate a bit more. Also need to check timing. Any advice would be fantastic at this point. Y'all are certainly right... I have a decent budget to get the car roadworthy but I dont want to spend top dollar on parts if I dont have to.
  3. Bigcountry

    89 Loyale GL Cheap fuel Pump

    Thanks for the advice guys. Ended up getting the inline hige pressure pump from a F150 and fitting it. Now have fuel to the rail. Bad news is after cranking for a minute or so I had a backfire and then an actual fire under the driver side cylinder head.... Got it out quick but hell if I know what happened. and NO fuel was leaking. Double and triple checked.
  4. Hey all! Loving the group here. Just picked up an 1989 GL Wagon from my neighbor for $60... Sat for 9 years. Actually quite clean (but thats besides the point.) After scouring the forums here Ive pretty safely eliminated the fuel pump relay and other miscellaneous issues as my problem. Was able to show 12v (ish) at the harness to the fuel pump when cranking but the pump will not function. Therefore I am looking at replacement pumps! Anyone have any experience with this? http://www.jcwhitney.com/p3095726/sku-12288747.jcwx?TID=gglpla&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIn_K7mcrB1wIVSjwbCh3SNALtEAkYAiABEgJx1fD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds Its the Autobest F4323. Says it does not fit my specific application... but looks identical to the factory unit. Any help would be great! NO way am i dropping $150 plus on a pump for a $60 car.