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  1. I'm totally aware of a lack of fun factor with the CVT. If this were 10 years ago, I'd surely go manual but this is an oddball project. Peak mpg is my goal while having decent horsepower and now, manuals don't beat autos and surely not CVTs. I'd go with the 60hp less FA16dit if they were more available and it wouldn't offset my weight balance as poorly. I think the FA20 will actually improve my car's handling but losing any more weight would hurt it.
  2. Yeah, I'm totally expecting a headache. I do wonder how different it is than a RWD conversion with a regular automatic though. That has definitely been done with modern Subarus. I'd love it if there really was a CVT available for a BRZ that I could swap over. Any clue what the engine differences are between a FA20 and a FA20dit? Obviously compeession is lower for the turbocharged motor
  3. Will do!!! Any clue about drivetrain losses with a converted RWD transmission vs the typical rwd 15-20% with a normal manual and modern automatic?
  4. I dug into the Speeduino stuff. Their website doesn't have much detail so I'm gonna shoot them a message
  5. Will you buy my very rare CVT for $10,000????? Its a tough build. The engine really doesn't fit. I'm going to need to cut out a huge portion of the frame, re-box and add in strength. The engine is +31" wide. The opening is 32" wide for only the upper 10" or so, then it's 29" between the frame rails. The intake manifold is way higher than the BRZ. But if this happens, it'll be the only 300zx on the planet with a boxer!!!
  6. Ah, thanks!!! Great idea!!! I've just never seen anyone do this with a CVT IN even a Subaru so I'm concerned with durability. Especially since its rare to see this with even a regular automatic. Also, potential drivetrain losses vs normal drivetrain losses in a RWD car
  7. Thanks guys, I'm totally clueless here and have no idea what's gonna work because nobody has done this in my car and nobody runs the CVTs RWD. If it can handle all the power going to the back, I'd like to make this work due to how efficient the thing is. And high MPG is my real goal with this car. I would have bought a FA16dit but they're even harder to find in the US and I have doubts that transmission can handle moving my bigger car dependably as a RWD car
  8. Also, potential standalone ECUs? The guy doing all the wiring thinks he can make the stock ECU work. I have my doubts even though he's a total wizard. ECU options as a plan B? This isn't going to be a super high performance build at all.
  9. I've got a wonky swap I'm doing into a 95 300zx. I just received my JDM drivetrain out of a Legacy GT. It has a CVT though. That doesn't bother me other than the RWD conversion. But I'm wondering what other transmissions I can potentially use...assume this were a RWD conversion in a Subaru???? I've read that a BRZ transmission isn't actually a direct fit. Can it fit with a custom bell housing or is the bolt circle too big on that transmission? Anyone swap in a RWD transmission from any other car?
  10. Veganpotter

    CVT to RWD

    Also, efficient and clean burning aren't the same thing. Standards were low in the 90s. If that weren't true, I'd go SR20 which is easy to do. There are people getting 35mpg in them while having trouble passing emissions.
  11. Veganpotter

    CVT to RWD

    Efficient, RWD Honda engines don't exist. I know people getting 40mpg in BRAs. I'm aware its wide. About an inch too wide. I have hammers and welders at the ready.
  12. Veganpotter

    CVT to RWD

    The engine is an FE20 with an AWD CVT Legacy from Japan. I'll get rid of the transmission if I need to but I'm hoping I can keep the thing
  13. Veganpotter

    CVT to RWD

    I'm trying to get over 35mpg and have good emissions. I wanted a new Miata engine but there aren't any ECUs I can run for it
  14. Veganpotter

    CVT to RWD

    That would work in a Subaru but this is gonna go in a 300zx from 1995.
  15. Veganpotter

    CVT to RWD

    Has anyone done this? I know people have with regular automatics doing the welded dif trick. I can't post in the transmission talk stuff because I'm too new