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    I am a car enthusiast and my number one favorite car is the Subaru Brat. Own an 83 Brat GL and am restoring this California car purchased in Florida.
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  1. Hi All and Happy Summer! I just lost an auction on eBay for the chromed, snap on center strip for the Brat GL 1983 front bumper. This is a bull-nosed chrome strip that mounts onto the front bumper with snaps, above the license plate in the center of the bumper. I'm willing to pay up to $100 including shipping to 10301 for a really clean strip in great condition. Thanks!
  2. One of the first things I did with my 83 Brat after driving it home to NYC from Tallahassee was go to Lowes and pick up some lumber. I loaded some long 4x4's through the rear window and one of them was touching the windshield. I hit a small pothole and shattered the glass. After a replacement tinted windshield and new gasket was beautifully installed by a glass shop, I thought I was out of the woods. But I parked in our carport which has had a heavy wooden sculpture hanging from the ceiling for over ten years. A big storm blew through and I woke up to find it had fallen onto the new windshield and shattered it. Gary Brant
  3. divinicus

    Changing out Brat Doors!

    Thanks, Bennie. I will post pics when I can. I just installed a brand new windshield and new gasket, no issues to speak of and the installer didn't make mention of it, but yes, in the same vicinity and below the passenger side lower corner of the windshield area there is some rusting. But I'm actually more concerned that the new door hinges can be securely bolted onto the frame. I suspect this is a very common issue with 83 and even older Brats. More news on this soon, Gary
  4. divinicus

    Changing out Brat Doors!

    One update, the driver's side door has good metal to support the door hinges and mounting, but my passenger side is on tough shape. I think Subaru ha da flawed design in the way rain water was evacuated from the lower corners of the windshield, and the pillars. Can I assume this is a pretty easy fix for the body shop to weld in some new sheet metal before I install these mint replacement doors? Thanks for all your help with my project!
  5. divinicus

    Changing out Brat Doors!

    I just looked at the Brat and realized the bolts to mount the door hinges can't be accessed unless the front fenders are taken off, is this right? Thanks!
  6. Hi everyone! Got a beautiful pair of 86 Brat Doors from California for my 83 Brat GL. It was wickedly expensive to ship them from LA to New York! The new doors are stripped of everything, so I need to change over the glass, interior panels, basically everything. Are there any special tools I need, and what is the order of removal and installation in the new doors? I've never done this operation before and could use some advice! Thanks again happy spring!
  7. divinicus

    Cyclops 3rd Eye Install!

    Thank you so much! It would have been a true nightmare to try and change out the original four headlights for two in order to accommodate a "true" cyclops grille. I'll get more photos once it's installed on the car!
  8. divinicus

    Cyclops 3rd Eye Install!

    I wanted to thank everyone hwo helped me with this project. It was good advice to modify the original grille for the cyclops light! See attached photo, all work done with Dremel plastic grinding wheel and then painted with matte black lacquer.
  9. Yes that's why I'm trying to find the right lamps and bezels to change from four hl to two hl. Looking to buy those! Thanks!
  10. Thanks for your help! The whole point of this is to mount the correct two headlight setup on my 83 Brat GL so that this cyclops grille will match up. So how do I determine if my grille is for the earlier or later headlight buckets? I can post the outside measurement and post more detailed photos of the curve style at the outside edges.
  11. divinicus

    Cyclops 3rd Eye Install!

    I can do that but my cyclops lamp door has horizontal slats like the original non-honeycomb grill. I'm going to hold out a while longer on the hopes someone can come up with those single hls with the appropriate shape to match my cyclops grille. It's too cool to give up on it after all this work, lol. But thanks!
  12. Yes but I still need the lights and the right bezels, can you help? The curved edges of the cyclops grille I have need to match up with shape of the headlight bezels. Thanks for your help!
  13. divinicus

    Cyclops 3rd Eye Install!

    I can afford to put $400 into a suitable cyclops grille, light bezels and the lights including wiring. But the whole setup needs to be ready to bolt on. Thanks a lot!
  14. I need help. Got a perfect Cyclops third eye working and the original grille is designed for a two-headlight setup on Subaru Brat. I need to change out four headlights on my 1983 Brat GL for two, see attached photo. I am looking to purchase two front headlight bezels and the lights, thanks!