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  1. I'd like to replace the seals on the glass itself, the ones on the roof are good. Anyone have a part # or spare ones?
  2. https://www.qualitypowerauto.com/catalog.php?item=352 Will it fit?
  3. https://www.qualitypowerauto.com/catalog.php?item=352 Will it fit?
  4. I'm not sure, the manual only shows one, I think one of the previous owners just put a new one there and left the old one.
  5. Dropped the fuel pump mounting plate and found two pumps and the vapor separator. FP was wired to the ignition relay. I'm going to re-wire a new universal pump like factory to the f.p. relay and can I delete the vapor separator? Which will delete the charcoal canister and I'll need to plug up vacuum and purge points. Also put a breather on one of those lines. Anybody do the same thing? I know it would probably shut off on cold start unless you keep your foot on the accelerator until it starts. I don't care about that as long as the engine bay looks cleaner. Don't mind the fuel lines in the picture.
  6. Nothing in rockauto and no luck finding that discopotato
  7. Both the Bentley and Fuji service manuals, regardless what aftermarket FPR can I use?
  8. What have you guys swapped it with? I can't seem to find OEM anywhere and might as well upgrade with one that has a gauge. From the manual it says operating PSI range is 26-30 psi. https://photos.app.goo.gl/b9mVjtT5sZ8nsuzVA
  9. Thank you! You guys are awesome! I'll order it and try it out. Post updates when I get done upgrading some of the wiring
  10. Not sure what model it is, but I can see it is inside the fender (panel) on the driver side. Thank you for the part number. It is a two piece screw in knock sensor.
  11. Found the knock sensor to be missing and dealership and auto parts store don't carry it. Anyone have a part number for oem or a replacement that would fit? Car does lack power and I'm just trying to restore the engine and upgrade what I can.
  12. it has an aftermarket boost gauge on the steering wheel, I don't like it. Its not wired correctly discretely and doesn't seem to be too accurate I think. I want the stock gauges to be in good working order.
  13. ill be conducting tests on the sensor and if that turns out ok, ill try the gauge. Really wish it was a mechanical gauge and not electric. Thank you for the input.
  14. Here's some pictures, maybe someone can clarify. Sorry I'm new to the subies. https://photos.app.goo.gl/CjXyFqEg6ghMwTG37 Pictures too large to post.
  15. Yes that's the one I bought. I've tried looking for that fsm, have a link?
  16. My stock turbo gauge is pegged at max as soon as i turn the car on. I want to try and see if I can replace the boost sensor if it even has one. Anyone know where it's located?
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