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    I've owned and worked on 30+ cars since I started driving. From Aircooled VW's to Chevy k2500. Now I'm in love with Subarus. My first was a 95 Legacy Wagon with outback struts. Now I have the Subaru I've always wanted a 2003 Outback LL Bean EZ30D.
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  1. No. As I said the access is in the cargo area under the carpet behind the seat back.
  2. Yours should be the same as my '95 was. There are two access hatches behind the rear seat under the rear cargo area. One on the drivers side that just has a fuel tank sender and one on the passenger side with a sender and the fuel pump assembly. They are both under oval covers that are under the carpet.
  3. I always use parts.subaru.com, the URL changes once you've picked a local or maybe not local dealership through the main site. However, they don't seem to list canadian dealers; so I'd probably use your local dealers website. I honestly don't know that I'd go aftermarket for something like HG...but I haven't yet done a HG job on my ez30d...I just swapped in a JDM motor instead.
  4. Well, I haven't had time to pull it apart and attempt any proper fix; but I did do the quick and easy "cheat" fix. I just switched the blinker on and off on that side, over and over again rapidly about 20-30 times to make the contacts clean themselves and that seems to have worked for now.
  5. Thank you, I will look for one. I really like how mildly abrasive that type is.
  6. My favorite was the old erasable pen erasers...not such a thing now. I haven't seen those in years. I've had to use a file on some copper contact pads when they have buildup mostly.
  7. Yeah, I looked up the older version...glad I didn't have this issue with my '95 (which I actually sold today). I will make sure to post results. I'll likely pull it out and see if it's a pain to disassemble...may order another used one or pick one up from the local salvage yard before I attempt opening it as it's a bit hard to drive without, if I accidentally break it...I've cleaned contacts on many relays and switches to save $$ over the years...so hopefully this isn't extremely complex in comparison.
  8. Yeah, definitely does not require removing the steering wheel. I just looked it up. it's 5 phillips screws and one connector. Super easy 15min job. Thankfully they updated the design for the 3rd generation Legacy's.
  9. That's kinda what I'm thinking, or maybe a little abrasion with a file. I assume these blinker switches are easier to remove than old GM ones (which is the only other car I've had to deal with a bad switch on). I will have to look it up. The replacement switches I've seen in my searches surely look easier to replace than an old GM; but then again Subaru design is on an entirely other level than that old GM stuff, so that is to be expected.
  10. I've not had this issue with a Subaru...but generally when a bulb goes bad the other bulb on that side and the dash indicator blinks at twice the rate because of the decreased resistance on the circuit? That's why I made sure to mention this; because I'm not sure if that's the way it works on this gen legacy as well? I'm thinking switch because of how it acts when the lever is in certain areas of it's throw...but I wanted to get some opinions of people more familiar with this generation. I don't recall exactly how the relay works to be honest. I replaced the relay in my other car since I swapped it to LED bulbs everywhere, but this one I haven't messed with yet.
  11. My blinker seems to work fine for left turns, but on right turns, sometimes the relay goes extra fast and the dash light does not blink. Normally I would suspect a bad bulb, but when it does this no blinkers and no dash light flashes. However if I gently nudge the indicator lever back to center it will generally work. If I nudge the stick toward the right blinker as with a lane change, it works fine as well. It seems like a blinker switch to me. Any thoughts?
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