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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all, I just bought my 6th Subaru a 2002 Imperza 2.5 TS. I also have a 2017 Crostrek Kazan edition. my past ones include 1998 and 1999 Outbacks, and my personal favourite a 1995 SVX LSi I had a 1992 parts car for it too :-) Steve
  2. Hey, new to the forum here. I just purchased my first Subaru, actually pair of Subarus. I picked up a couple Subaru Sambar mini trucks from a local rancher. One has the cab wrecked and is for parts (only has about 30,000 miles on it without a title), and the second was seized up and has been sitting for over 5 years. I plan on doing quite a bit of work to the one to make it a decent trail truck and bomb around town vehicle. I did manage to un-seize the engine on the non-parts truck. It does run, but it now lets water freely flow into the oil and smokes like a grassfire. I hope it's just a head-gasket, but the former owner did drive it to the point of seizing. Luckily I have a second engine with low miles on it. We'll see how this project goes. I am quite impressed with the Subaru engineering I see in these little vehicles and hopefully I can get decent advice in this forum.
  3. New Member from Reading, PA here. Way back in the early 80's my I helped my fiance replace here horrible running 77 Chevy Monza with the dreaded Chevy Iron Duke Vega engine. We found a Cherry 77 Yellow Subaru GL FWD. My only disappointment was it was an automatic. Her Dad was a all American Chevy man and not very happy when she brought it home. Especially when he saw the spare tire under the hood on top of the engine, LOL. It served her very well and she ended up with a string of Subaru's. My late Father who was also a big Buy American guy bought a new early or mid 80's GL, loved it and bought a few more after that. After our 98 Volvo Wagon's 5 cylinder ate some valves when the timing belt broke, even though we had replaced it on time, we searched for an affordable replacement. We found our current 2003 Subaru Outback Wagon. 2.5L 4 cyl, Auto ( we couldn't find a 5 speed) and in pretty good shape with 134K miles. The previous owner was the proverbial little old lady who maintained it well with the paperwork to prove it. It had many new parts including (2) new 1/2 shafts, new brakes, re-manufactured A/C compressor, etc. We've had it about 2 years and it's only now giving us some issues. Financially I do my own work because my wife was laid off and I know it was done right. I'm here to find help in troubleshooting it correctly and performing the repair correctly, or knowing what's up in case I need to go to my mechanic. I'm a photographer with forced early retirement due to 3 back operations and a failed neck surgery. This limits what I can do. No heavy lifting, and prolonged bending over the engine bay is not a good thing. Thanks for having me. I'll share what I learn. Spiney-Dave
  4. Hey USMB! I just bought my first Subaru, and officially my first car with my own money! I previously drove a 97 Honda Accord Coupe which was shared with my dad and after that a 97 Lexus ES300 that I shared with the girlfriend. The ES started out as her car 5 years ago but recently got into a small accident and got totaled with 207k on the clock, which led to finding and buying this lovely Red wagon. It's a 2000 Impreza Outback Sport with stock everything except head unit, which was installed with a pry-bar it seems. I am the third owner and bought it with it's timing belt and water pump replaced but there is still an occasional squeak from one of the accessory belts. After a couple days owning the car I replaced the fluid in the Diffs with Mobil 1 75W-90 and did the first half of the tranny drain and fill, next weekend I will re-drain, change the ATF filter and re-fill with Mobil 1 ATF. I got new tires and an alignment last week and the whine from the rear diff is gone and it rides and shifts smooth. I hope to learn as much as I can from maintaining and gently modding this car, the most work I've ever done to a car previously was take apart a center console or replace a worn half shaft on the ES 300. Still, I've found plenty of good DIYs and have been reading up the FSM to start fixing the little things. Like that belt squeak - it's only when the car is cold and only for a few seconds before it goes away. The power steering belt looks brand new and I was told it was changed, tension looks good. The AC belt is maybe a little looser but does not feel loose by my approximation but the belt does not look as new, although it doesn't look worn, I'll grab a tensioner for a few dollars and check and adjust Otherwise, I'm looking for a retractable cargo cover and hopefully free up a bit of money for something other than steelies -Sam
  5. I am a writer living in wenatchee just down the hill from Mission ridge ski and board resort. I love my 1999 all wheel drive Subaru.
  6. I bought my first Subaru in October of '12 and have been very pleased. The other night, on my way home from work, I had a tire blowout, which would have left me stranded were it not for Subaru Roadside Assistance. The next day I called to make an appointment to replace the tire and learned that, due to the AWD, I would need to replace all 4 tires (the other three have 18,000 mi/each). After reading up on the subject, it makes sense, although I'm still floored at the expense I'm about to incur. Anyway, a co-worker recommended that I join a Subaru forum in order to stay on top of issues like this, find the answers to any questions I may have, and to learn more about my car in general. So here I am!
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