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  1. I have not checked the shift input shaft, but since it was in reverse (since I backed into the place that it is now) and I can let the clutch out in neutral that makes me think that it is working. I will see once I get it dragged to a shop (I do work at a trades college so can use a nice shop occasionally).
  2. Thanks for the quick response, that is what I was afraid of, but was hoping for a simpler and cheaper answer :-)
  3. Hi Experts :-) The car is my 2002 Impreza TS wagon, with the EG25 and 5 speed, the engine and transmission have 220,000 km (136,000 mi). My car will not move, the engine will stall as soon as I let out the clutch, I also cannot push it even in neutral. My first thought was that the parking break was stuck but in troubleshooting I jacked up each end one end at a time and both axles are free to move on their own, if I turn one wheel the other rotates in the opposite direction with no real resistance. Just prior to this I was hearing a gear whine, but since I had just swapped the transmission and thought it might be normal, since the original transmission had worn out syncros, I also thought I heard a clunk when I backed it up into the spot it is stuck in now. Any suggestions as to what is wrong? Thanks Steamer99
  4. Thanks guys, swapped the intake and got it running, now have a different problem so will start another thread.
  5. I had no luck with search, so here is the problem, hopefully someone has run into this before. I have 2 cars that should be the same, Car #1 2002 Impreza ts, VIN: JF1GG65542G812998, Build date: 07/01, Car #2 2002 Impreza ts, VIN: JF1GG65532G831414, Build date 02/02 Car #1 has ~ 220,000 Km (136,000 mi) and is in better mechanical condition but too much rust to be put on the road. Car #2 has ~ 320,000 Km (199,000 mi) and has much less rust but leaks oil like a sieve. So I put the the 2.5L engine from Car #1 into car # 2 but the engine wiring harness on the engine does not match up to the harness on the body, anybody know why the difference and how to connect it up? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi all, I just bought my 6th Subaru a 2002 Imperza 2.5 TS. I also have a 2017 Crostrek Kazan edition. my past ones include 1998 and 1999 Outbacks, and my personal favourite a 1995 SVX LSi I had a 1992 parts car for it too :-) Steve