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  1. Thanks for the replies. I was kind of figuring that they were interchangable that there would be slight differences. I wish I could hear it run first but for the price I can't complain.
  2. I found a 94 legacy 2.2 with low miles 96k at a local junkyard for a great price. I took a look at it and aside from the intake and sensors being different the engine itself looks the same. According to the interchange it days 90-94 legacy only. I have a 96 impreza outback. What's the difference? Is it better engine or the same? I was just getting as a spare just in case if I had any problems with the one in mine.
  3. That was a lot easier than I thought. The 9v battery worked great to power it up. Thanks imdew. The odometer said 114k not too bad for a 02 H6. Now comes the fun part of pulling the engine in the junkyard.
  4. That's good. I'll try to figure out the wiring tonight. I believe I have a 03 or 04 legacy wiring schematic. Thanks GD
  5. Ya I looked through the glove box and there was no paperwork. The only interesting thing I found was a GPS tracker hidden behind the gauge cluster. I think I have the wiring schematic, I wasn't sure if it was that easy. I thought maybe it was somehow tied into the ecu. I had a Ford about the same year was like that.
  6. Is there a way to check the mileage on the gauge cluster out of the vehicle? The car is 2002 legacy outback. Its at the local u pull and I'm interested in the engine in the car because the car was in such good shape aside from the major accident. I grabbed the gauge cluster figuring there's a way to check it. I got part of the dash wiring also. Thanks for any help.
  7. As a point of reference. I just bought a great running svx engine with 89k on it for $150. I could have bought the rest of the car for $400.
  8. I thought I was going to go and do the ez swap and then a really great deal came up for the eg33. I got one with 89k on it. It's been setting for around 14 yrs. Got it to run on starting fluid for a little while. The only thing I'm lacking for the swap is the exhaust. Not having a truck it was an interesting trip only having a hitch haul.
  9. I was thinking of that too. The ez is somewhat more plentiful in junkyards. I only know of one svx in a yard around me, but there's several llbeans with the ez around. The ez is the more practical swap. Idosubaru where are you located?
  10. I need a little input and advice for an engine swap I've got a 96 Impreza 2.2 auto. I'm wanting to do a h6 swap to it. Initially I was going to use the svx 3.3 then found out keeping the AC is difficult. So I figured I'd use the ez30 so I could keep the AC. I got a wire harness out of a 02 ll bean and started to get the engine and trans wiring fished out to do the ez30 swap. That's quite time consuming. I was hoping to get a whole car to do the swap but no such luck. Well now now comes the quandary, I just found a running svx really cheap. I went and looked at it. Runs and sounds good. Couldn't drive it but the engine was quiet. So my question is which one is easier to do or better to do? I can get the whole svx for half the price of a lower mileage ez30 which is a good thing. I knew I shouldn't have looked at the svx.
  11. I was kind of thinking of using the trans as well. I figured while I was weeding out the engine wiring I would see how intertwined the trans wiring was with the the ECU. It wouldn't be too hard to change the trans as well. I think I can use a impreza or 4cyl legacy trans if I don't get a h6 trans. I was trying to stay away from the vdc because I read it was a pita and also a lot of extra wiring.
  12. Your welcome. I pulled the spoilers and brackets off a car I was scrapping. Took a pic to remember how they went back on. A while back I found the brackets on a Subaru website they were around $47 a piece. I just went back to it and they didn't list then anymore. I guess that they were discontinued.
  13. The top spoiler attaches by a couple brackets that are glued on the glass.
  14. I have the wiring and ecu already. That's a huge wiring harness. Just got to get some time to weed out the engine wiring. My car is an automatic and from what I read most of the wiring problems with the swap is when it's a 5 spd.
  15. Well they decided to part the car out and I'm going to get a bunch of stuff off it that won't come with a used engine ac compressor, alt,ps pump, exhaust,rad and probably a few other things. I'm going to try to see if it starts with starting fluid just out of curiosity. Anything else that I should get for the swap?