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  1. I feel for you, because I did the exact same thing. Eventually after about 5 years the trans slowly got noisier & noisier. Had a junk yard one installed because I didn't want her to get stranded. But after the fact, I stumbled on a guy here in forums, sorry I forget his name for credit, but he always before removing ring, would see how tight he could get it, and noticed a pattern where they would tighten 2 notches. So if one forgets to mark, tighten all the way & back off 2 notches. Personally I might go for 3 because I'd rather have a tad loose than to heat up & bind.(make a tool because too many broken tabs is not a good thing) I would do it this way if the other side was not touched, because I'm not sure if they push against one-another.
  2. bork

    EJ swap who's who

    No more transplants after Dec 2015?
  3. Thank you Mike, I didn't know about the car-part site. My bezel doesn't have the two little extra holes for the compressor(wish it did). No go on ebay. Anyone know how it is removed? (without breaking) ON EDIT: found out how to remove, 2 tiny screws above outer round knobs release trim bezel & vents come with it. More screws behind unit for vents, if they are to be removed.
  4. I thought this bezel would pop out and I broke it! I need to find a replacement. Does anyone know if other models and years used same setup? I need the trim piece around the center vents and 3 dial controls. Also how to remove it? Looks like this https://static.cargurus.com/images/site/2012/11/15/14/58/1994_subaru_impreza_4_dr_l_sedan-pic-7755040235996748694-640x480.jpeg OR this https://static5.cargurus.com/images/site/2017/03/28/18/38/1995_subaru_impreza_l_coupe-pic-3986465580045905170-640x480.jpeg OR this https://static.cargurus.com/images/site/2017/04/23/11/51/1996_subaru_impreza_4_dr_l_awd_sedan-pic-7308707470093623087-640x480.jpeg
  5. Good to know, I'll make sure they are clean along with the intake.
  6. Hate to drag out an old post but I cant seem to find anything about Foresters accelerating unexpectedly, except this somewhat scenario. I'm about to get a 2003 Forester for my kid, but after some research on the net, I found some issues. I dont know how many are valid & thought it a little strange none were found in these forums. Are they legit? Should I be concerned? Unless they are Toyota copy cats, because only 4 complaints before 2010. https://www.carcomplaints.com/Subaru/Forester/2003/engine/vehicle_speed_control.shtml
  7. Thank you! What is "oz"? and I understand about exhaust manifold, but why intake?
  8. I found a cheap 2003 Forester with messed up motor. I have a rusted out 99 Impreza L 4 door, with good engine. Does anyone know if this is an easy transplant? Also the Forester has approx 204K miles on it. Would this be kinda high mileage for the trouble of the swap?
  9. Did you buy the torx or were they OE? Stainless steel? What does your screws screw into? Plastic or a nut or a backing plate? After the screws are removed the cross bars just lift straight up, & off?
  10. I got lucky and got a good one from junk yard $40.00. I had alternator re-builder bench test, which he did not want money but I insisted he take something. Make sure you get the right alt., there is differences. I dont remember what the difference was but my rebuilder told me what to look for, & I think the junk yard had a cross over listing as well.
  11. I dont want to take off the rails on roof, just the cross members, that arc from side to side in air.
  12. The paint shop asked me to remove the cross bars for them, & I said no problem. Now I see maybe a mistake saying that. I'm attempting to remove 8 machine screws holding cross members to rails. got 3 out so far. Screws seem to be stainless steel approx 6mm dia and approx 25 mm long. All broke loose but just spin. The 3 I did get out look as if they might be screwed into a steel plate? The center of screw has a semi smooth center of rust caked in threads. Hopefully if I get the rest of screws out, do the cross pieces just lift off? I have screws out on one side & it doesn't want to come off. Anyone have experience in this area?