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  1. My brother is not mechanically inclined, & I live over a thousand miles away. He's considering buying a new Subie, but I dont know what to tell him. I personally love my 99 Impreza L and 1995 Impreza OBS, but dont think an older car for him would work. Is there any new bad models I should steer him away from? Any preferable good ones? He wanted something roomy like the Ascent, & of course the dealer is probably pushing to make any sale. Being they just came out in 2018, I dont know if much good or bad history has reared yet? Anyone have any solid input?
  2. Ive been fighting this also on my 99 imprezza L. I hope this is the cure for me also.
  3. Looks like I must order the 303 stuff. Cant find it locally. The rubber almost reminds me of a vinyl type base. So far black shoe polish darken for a day & back to original fade look next day. Also tried a little purple power, no luck, & tried simple green, no luck. I'll let y'all know when I have some success.
  4. Explain? Vw guys use 2.2 into a VW? ON Edit: Disregard question, I found on search.
  5. Thank you all. I doubt I'll change out all the rubber trim pieces, & I'm not a fan of the Armorall myself. Shoe polish sounds interesting. I'm experimenting with a few things now. I'll let you know if anything works to blacken it, but time is the real test after that.
  6. Update; got lucky at junk yard for a clean one off a Forester for $20.00, and now I have a happy kid again, not whining about gas fumes, and to a fix for snow melting into filler neck and causing no starts in winter when water froze in gas tank, disabling fuel pump.
  7. Long story short, bought a 1995 Impreza outback wagon, low miles & straight body but S. FL sun faded the car really bad. I have since got a real nice paint job but rubber trim around glass looks faded & cloudy. Still soft to finger nail pressure & not cracked. I wetted my finger & rubbed but it only darkens a little bit. Anyone tried any long term solution fixes? I don't want to paint rubber. I see quite a bit of lotions claiming to restore, but I'm leery. Hoping someone else with experience could recommend a quality product, for a long term fix. Or am I dreaming for a fantasy that does not exists? I was tempted to try a big fat permanent black marker.
  8. I was afraid of that. How does the "filler neck shut off switch work? What does it shut off?
  9. Does any one know what all the small hoses do & can I cap them or union them together? I pulled a filler tube out of a 95 imp L & it only has 1/2"?ID vent tube coming off side near top. I was hoping to use this as the replacement until I saw all the spaghetti around the 99 filler, shown below >>> How does that little box with two hoses work, as the "filler neck shut off switch?"
  10. I feel for you, because I did the exact same thing. Eventually after about 5 years the trans slowly got noisier & noisier. Had a junk yard one installed because I didn't want her to get stranded. But after the fact, I stumbled on a guy here in forums, sorry I forget his name for credit, but he always before removing ring, would see how tight he could get it, and noticed a pattern where they would tighten 2 notches. So if one forgets to mark, tighten all the way & back off 2 notches. Personally I might go for 3 because I'd rather have a tad loose than to heat up & bind.(make a tool because too many broken tabs is not a good thing) I would do it this way if the other side was not touched, because I'm not sure if they push against one-another.