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Ok so i have searched and searched looking through pages of info and im thinking that they can be swapped i have a 1991 legacy with shot struts thing rides like a Caddy. Well i also have access to some lightly used 93 impreza struts im unshure if it will lower or lift the car im thinking lower but anywho i do beleave they will swap over im also going to use the steering rack because the lego one is VERY BAD!!! like wow bad.


I already pulled the 2.2 impreza motor and swapped on the legacy intake because the impreza intake is all different but she runns like a raped ape :) very mean engine very clean with very low miles like less than 100,000 lil ol lady owned car and the tranny went out then it got vandalized but anywhoo that is my story if anyone can make this info concrete that would be great.


thanks Robbie

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struts and rack will bolt right up. those early cars sat so low to the ground you're not going to notice a difference in ride height at all. i put 97 impreza OBS front struts on a legacy before and it was fine.

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