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Finally getting around to trying to change the cabin air filter on my 05 outback wagon. I can't seem to drop the glove box to access the poorly designed/located cabin air filter. Anyone have a schematic with screws noted before I start removing the timing belt cover ;-)

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You have to remove the shifter surround, remove the screw that is holding the molding that goes along the edge of the center console. YOu can then remove another screw from the rear, and the clip that's up under the dash, and remove the side of the center console. This will allow you to access the two hidden screws for the glove box.


They FINALLY figured these out on the 2010 models, they have a panel you pop out to get to the filter. I definitely do not understand why Subaru recommends replacing these every 7500 miles, the Toyota ones (which are very similar in construction) last 30,000 miles. (Of course, Subaru also recommends the oil change every 7500 miles, which I think is way too long!)

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That's only the half of it Mr. Sucks. You think we'd be able to pull out that little cubby hole insert where the owners manual sits and just slip in your new filter but NO. It doesn't line up. Off by about 5"!

I don't know about the MY10 but in my 08 you have to remove the entire glove box (make sure you don't break at least one retaining clip on the side trim piece facing the door) and then an access panel.

In the 05 as you point out, you have to remove half of the console trim and the glove box (don't forget the trim piece mentioned above) and the rear glove box trim panel. Dealer wants over $100 parts and labor for the job.

Interval recommended 15K miles.

Unfortunate design flaw passed down the line to the customer.

I feel like taking a dremel to the rear trim panel an making my own mod.

I'd still have to drop the glove box though. C'mon SOA.

I know it's not the space shuttle (remember the o-rings) but I hate sloppy designs.

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