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lift kits '94 Loyale s/w

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I'm new to this forum, hopefully I'm ontrack with this type of question?! I heard that Puegot has 14" wheels that will fit '94 Loyales and that they add approx. 1 inch to ride height, but,,,,I need more,,,,looking for lift kit to accomodate big wheel/tire or "tall" wheel/tire for snow goin' !!! I'm new to Subaru. Any help with custom parts is great! Thanks!

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I have 14 inch pugs on my wagon. The wheels themselves are 1 inch bigger than stock.. that = 1/2 inch ride height increase.. it also opens your options up to larger tires. I use 185/75/14.. those give me an overall ride height increas of about 2 inches.. its the tires that make the difference, the lift simply facilitates bigger tires. with a lift and a little fender trimming, you can squeeze 28's under there.. some have even gotten 29-30 inch tires.but thats kind of a stretch I think.


Lifts available at http://www.ozified.com


Do a search, theres tons of info here. also, look in the photo album to see all the other lifted soobs on the board.

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