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Blown fuse, no dash or exterior lights so....

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1981 wagon gl


anyone had this happen? I believe a leak around my stock roof

rack is resulting in a damp fuse box under the dash..


Managed to drive through the woods/mud in the dark this morning but I'm

hoping it's just a dash fuse or two... Think I know why the

windshield was fogged... ;)


sound familiar?


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I dont know about the 81's, but in my 85 Brat there is a fuse that covers the dash lights and tail/marker lights. Mine kept blowing all the time, so I checked it out and it was the tail lights grounding out because they were caked with mud, and when they got wet it blew the fuse. Check all the connections at all your external marker lights and the tail lights.



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it was the 25amp fuse in the underdash fuse box. It wasn't damp

but it was corroded at the contacts, so it's been damp before..


Thanks for the tip about the mud, mines definitely covered in mud so

I'll clean it up this spring.


i had similar issues with my loyale, when i put a connector together behind the radio that apparently wasnt supposed to go together. :hammer on head:


glad you figured it out!

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