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EA-81 rebuild questions

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A few opinion questions for the EA81 buffs on here.


1. Best spark plug for stock '81 auto EA-81?


2. Any particular brand / size / shape of circlip pliers for installing circlips on piston pins?


3. Any particular brand / type of silicone sealant for the case halves (and wherever else it might be used in assembling the engine)?

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1. Stock plugs should be fine, NGK perhaps?


2. Regular needle nose pliers are fine for this. Use a Ring expander to put the rings on the pistons so you don't scratch the pistons. You will need to make or buy a tool for pulling the piston pins as well as a large allen wrench or socket for pulling the access plugs.


3. Subaru 3 Bond, or Loctite 518 for the case halves. I'm sure there are others you could use also.

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