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  1. Bad connection at the headlight connector? Moisture inside the housing? Just a couple of thoughts.
  2. Crazyeights

    Cyclops 3rd Eye Install!

    Looks Great!
  3. Crazyeights

    84 brat EA81 valve tapping

    Older engines and solid lifter cams still need Zinc among other things - You are so right!
  4. I agree ^^^ but in spite of that my 3AT still lasted for 250k! It was still working when I pulled it out to swap it for a 5MT DR.
  5. Those heads look fine. Find a new set of rings and put it back together.
  6. Looking Great! Thanks for the updates.
  7. Crazyeights

    aftermarket distributor ?

    Believe it or not Rock Auto still has one left! https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/subaru,1982,dl,1.6l+h4,1267949,ignition,distributor,7108
  8. Crazyeights

    A gift from Pleiades

    Awesome! Another old school Subaru saved from the scrapper, at least for a little while
  9. I left the 1.19 in it. I would like to go back in and put the 1.5x in it but I don't want to tear apart a good dual range for the donor parts. I already had a junk XT6 trans and that's what gave me the idea to use the 3.9 ring and pinion. I wonder if I could fit an LSD carrier in there while I'm at it Hmm....
  10. Crazyeights

    Cyclops 3rd Eye Install!

    LOL I think I loaned you a stock Cyclops relay to make the diagrams from. Good Job!
  11. I used the 3.9 gears from an XT6 transmission to swap my 3.7 FT DR box so it is possible. I also swapped the axle stub shafts so it would bolt in to my EA81 Wagon. It took parts from 3 different transmissions to make mine but it was worth it.
  12. I was going to say the same thing as Olnick but I don't own an early Legacy. I do however have Impreza struts in the front end of my Loyale so I would be really surprised if some pick-n-pull struts wouldn't just fit right in. Subaru's are like Legos
  13. I tried a Delta Torque grind in my EA81 Hi-Po build and it was so noisy I couldn't stand it. The valve noise would not adjust out. Soon after two lobes failed and I had to pull the engine again. To their credit they did replace the cam and lifters and blamed the failure on the type of oil I was using. Has anyone ever heard any delta torque grind cam that wasn't excessively noisy? The extra torque was fun for a few hundred miles
  14. Crazyeights

    1982 WRX Brat SWAP!

    I really like the videos. Thanks a lot for taking the time to make them. I look forward to seeing your progress
  15. Congrats! I have always liked the XT's.
  16. I would bleed the system really well. You don't need a helper or too pump the pedal. Once you are sure the air is out if you still don't have any pedal the gently pinch off both front brake hoses and see if your pedal comes back. If it still doesn't then the master cylinder has to be junk. Good Luck, you are almost there.
  17. It's probably air in the system then. Usually if they are damaged either they leak or the parking brake fails. It sounds like you did everything right. Do you have access to a vacuum bleeder? I couldn't imagine living without mine.
  18. The parking brake is integrated in to the front calipers on those. Exactly how did you compress the pistons back in to the calipers? If you forced them straight in then the calipers may be damaged. I use a tool to wind them in.
  19. Crazyeights

    replace struts

    Try the KYB struts from Rock Auto. They were in stock not that long ago.
  20. You could try a quality ceramic pad if you haven't already. Also don't forget to put the extreme pressure moly or ceramic lubricant on the back sides of the pads and or shims. The dealer pads come with new hardware and special grease with detailed instructions on where to apply it.
  21. Do you hear any sound at all when you turn the wipers on like the motor is running but the wipers won't move or is it totally silent?
  22. Since it goes through that much anyway I would just get whatever is on sale. As long as you stick with the 0W-20 Synth like is recommended you should be fine. I'm sure you will get a dozen different opinions on this, that is mine
  23. Crazyeights

    six speed?

    Suberdave's cars are Awesome! I especially like his '87 GL Coupe with a supercharged EG33 in the back Supercharged GL Coupe