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  1. Since it goes through that much anyway I would just get whatever is on sale. As long as you stick with the 0W-20 Synth like is recommended you should be fine. I'm sure you will get a dozen different opinions on this, that is mine
  2. Crazyeights

    six speed?

    Suberdave's cars are Awesome! I especially like his '87 GL Coupe with a supercharged EG33 in the back Supercharged GL Coupe
  3. What about the Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor needed by the Evap system? Do the OBD 2 Subarus use this sensor? I am not talking about a Fuel Pressure Sensor which is totally different. In other words am I going to end up with a permanent CEL because of no Evap system? I have cut down several OBD 1 harnesses but still have the OBD 2 to do yet. OBD 2 seems to be all about getting the supported monitors to set. Thank you in advance.
  4. @GD When going for the OBD 2 harness how do you deal with the fuel tank pressure sensor for Evap and the second o2 sensor if you aren't running a cat?
  5. Awesome write up! Thank you for taking the time to do this
  6. Crazyeights

    EA81 lifter tick ?

    Try adjusting the valves? Assuming it doesn't have hydraulic lifters of course.
  7. Crazyeights

    1990 Loyale 4wd 5 speed Turbo

    Very Nice!
  8. Are you concerned about the trailing arms being too weak with all that metal cut away? Just concerned about safety is all.
  9. Crazyeights

    Gen 1 Brat Short Lift

    This is exactly why they use them in aircraft applications.
  10. I can provide a close up picture of the one on the rear of my 1983 GL Wagon but it looks just like the one in your photo above. I don't know if it would really help you that much. Glad you are back at it again. I used several of your decals when I was doing some restoration work on my '83.
  11. I am suprised that you would have kept him on GD LOL
  12. Crazyeights

    Brat 5 Lug Conversion

    The 6 lug conversion is easier than the 5 lug. To go with 6 lug you just need to re-drill the hubs. You can also buy them ready to go if you aren't comfortable doing it yourself. Scott at sjrlift.com has them. To go with 5 lug is much more difficult. You would need to find XT6 4WD rear hubs which are expensive and next to impossible to get these days. This site has lots of information on both conversions.
  13. Crazyeights

    1983 GL Wagon build thread

    Here is mine.
  14. Crazyeights

    1983 GL Wagon build thread

    Awesome car! I have a 1983 GL 4WD Wagon too!
  15. Crazyeights

    Engine Rebuild kit for EA82T?

    @Sparky Nice!
  16. Crazyeights

    Uno - My First

    And your clock even works
  17. Crazyeights

    Uno - My First

    I really enjoyed the repair video, do you have any more? There is NO WAY I am going up in one of those kites though
  18. I have the same problem, perhaps even worse
  19. Old School Subaru Heaven ^^^^^ for some of us
  20. I have been using a cordless drill alternating directions and going very slowly for 20 years now and it work great. You just chuck up the valve on the back side after removing the spring. Make sure you don't use too much lapping compound as you don't want to get any of it in the guides. Is there some bad reason why everyone doesn't do this?
  21. Crazyeights

    I'm back!

    You can check out any time you like, But you can never leave! Happy New Year!
  22. It really depends, like 3Pin says we need more information. For example I have a '93 EJ22E in both my 1983 GL 4WD Wagon and my '92 Loyale Wagon.