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NA EA82 performance build

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ok im building a new car to compete in a rally seiries in south australia known as TRE (touring road events) THESE ARE NOT STREET RACING, it is sanctioned by the natinal body of motosport and thus by the FIA even thought it is held on open roads, at normal road speed.

its basically like an orienteering course in cars.

the aim is not to go fast, its to get there but i cant help but think i could do with some more power, and my engine defiatly needs a rebuild.



basically ive collected a load of bits that im hoping will bolt together with some mods and creat a mildly powered reliable beast


block: carb EA82, polished and lightened to take some weight of the front end

or i might use the MPFI block


heads: MPFI, ported polished and shaved (will need a modification to fit if i go with the carb block)


pistons: heres the main problem, i need pistons that will fit and be at least the same compression, my MPFI pistons are screwed so my options are to use the carb ones i have or go buy a good second hand set


intake: twin downdraughts i got off here, or maybe MPFi with cut down loom and all that so its put local and doesnt need to run the rest of the car.


any ideas?

will this work do we think?







and secondly i need the car to handle, it does alright most of the time, especially on dirt but that is at a slower speed. what i think i need is new sway bars but as youve probably realised i cant afford them, i was thinking of welding two of the standard items together but yeah not sure

thoughts on that??


And last but not least, camber on the front. due to the caster that these cars run when at lock it creates positive camber on the inside wheel, and im guessing that this is detrimental. what does everyone do for strut plates (camber caster and all that) are they commercially available or will i have to get pickstock racing to make me some?

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