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I feel good. after a blown HG and waiting a week for parts, my wagon is back on the road. It felt good to do it myself, well, with the help of the board for tips;) . I re-sealed it all, new t belts (no covers) got a new oil pump, rebuilt the lash adjusters, installed an electric fan w/ a manual switch in parallel with the thermoswitch, and got some delta cams. I also modified the intake. It took patience, time, swearing, one all nighter followed by an 8-4 at work, lots of parts cleaner and even a little blood! but its done now. i feel my wagon 'broke me in' as a subaru owner...so to speak...


She started right up, no ticking!:D :D . the car pulls much harder with these cams. altogether it feels like 10-13 hp maybe. its only been a day, but everything seems to be running smooth, (except the small hole I punched in the rad:eek: ,its fixable and leaks slow.:o ). I plan on setting up a page about this job soon. let me know if you have any questions...thanks for the support.


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let me know if you have any questions...


Wanna come over and do mine next?:D


Congrats on a successful mission

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after a 17 hour session, yes 17 hours. noon-7am, work 8-4, I hope I dont even have to see a wrench or smell oil for a while....:) contact me in a month or so...:-p

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