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84 Brat Exhaust HELP!!!!

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I'm stuck here guys, hoping someone can help me. I replaced my Cat by the manifold. The other rusty one that was on there was welded 5 inches longer. My OEM one bolts right up no problem after fixing the stud issues. Now my Resonator and muffler are 5 inches short?! I measured and remeasured every part store has the SAME products. How am I 5inches short on direct bolt on replacements? I am going insane :banghead: over stupid exhaust problems.

Measurements Manifold cat 45 1/2 inches, Resonator close to 60

Please someone has to come across this problem before.

Thanks in advance,


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Bump! Mid muffler(resonator) is 56-57inches long. Do you think buying a OEM one from advance will make up my 5-6 inches gap. It is Bosal, it measures 60inches

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