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cant get my damn camshaft out of ea81!!!

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please help, SOOOOOMEBODY!! lol......


i have it all apart, was cruising right along, smooth as butter.


got the oil pan off, the intake off, the heads off, distributor, timing cover, and oil pump all off.


now i cant figure out how the camshaft comes out. i could probably just monkey with it til something happens, but im kinda shy about being too aggresive.


i m accustomed to iron muscle car engines.


this is the first import engine ive ever worked on so deeply, and the first cast aluminum engine, and the first boxer engine.


i READ the "ultimate subaru shop manual thingy".


didnt have any luck. can somebody explain, in CLEAR detail, the next step?

im just trying to replace my pistons and my camshaft. also what is the deal with my camshaft? do i gotta replace my bearings ANYTIME i replace my camshaft? and where can i get a good FULL SE of gaskets? <head, intake, front timing cover, etc....>

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