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I'm getting error code 23 along with codes 22,15, and 17. I just had an engine with 85k installed last week. My mechanic used all of the old parts from my old engine that he could. He said that he noticed that one of the tubes from the MAF was sealed shut. I have taken a picture of the tube in question, as well as the canister it's coming from. The tube is coming from the bottom of the cannister. I disconnect the maf and reconnected it and my check engine light went off. When I took it out for a drive the c/e light went off and the car drove DRASTICALLY better. Before I had little power below 3k rpms, but for a brief period it ran like a raped ape. Now it's back to the way it was. My question is should this tube be sealed shut like it is and if not, where does it go? Should I replace my MAF sensor?


OH one more thing, would the maf sensor failure cause the other codes?


Please help!! I've spent more money in this car than I'm going to admit to and the other half is about ready to divorce me over this!!


By the way this is on the Legacy turbo!!




the second picture




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The MAF does not have any tubes coming out/in it. The MAF is the silver round thing connected to the airbox. The thing you're pointing to is the pressure exchange solenoid, which controls boost and the ECU's barometric pressure readings.


Post over the http://www.bbs.legacycentral.org


Someone with a little more knowledge on the vacuum setup should be able to help. I think there's a sticky with the diagram.

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